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Unexpected T_FUNCTION

I have release my first plugin (mz mindbody api – which relies on SOAP and PEAR), and a user in Germany is getting syntax error unexpected T_FUNCTION when they try to install it on a clean install using a theme that I can run the plugin on (twentyfourteen). The error line apparently references the usort […]

parse XML from URL (via SOAP)

I am attempting to build out a dashboard widget that will perform a validation check on a site RSS feed using the W3 Validator. Their API docs ( provide the method. Here is my function to get the data: $feed = ‘’; $request = new WP_Http; $url = ‘’.urlencode($feed).’&output=soap12′; $response = wp_remote_get ( $url ); […]

Pitfalls when Distributing Plugins that Access SOAP Web Services?

I’m wondering what pitfalls (if any?) developers here have run into when distributing WordPress plugins via the WordPress plugin repository that embed a SOAP client for accessing SOAP web services for critical plugin features (or any plugin distributed widely via any other repository, for that matter.) (It is my assumption that a company publishing plugins […]

Embedding a SOAP Client into a WordPress Plugin?

What is the best way to embed a SOAP client into a WordPress plugin that one would distribute via the WordPress plugin repository? Is it best to use? The PHP 5.x Soap Client, The Zend Soap Client, The NuSoap Toolkit for PHP, The PEAR SOAP Client/Server for PHP, or Some other SOAP client for PHP? […]