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How to integrate Facebook Share button without code?

We are using this code for Facebook share button. We placed this code in our functions.php But we are getting pagenot found in fb share popup window. How to fix this issue. <span class=”fb-share-button” data-href=”<?php wp_get_shortlink(); ?>” data-layout=”button_count”></span>

Front-End Social photo upload

I’m looking for a plugin which helps me to add image uploader on front-end of my website for my woocommerce customers and then review uploaded photo by admin and if accepted they will be added on home page or somewhere in page block. it will be very good if such plugin has not only uploading […]

Help: Connecting IFTTT To My WordPress Page Doesn't Work!

I have a WordPress page which I want to connect with IFTTT to automatically share FB posts and all that stuff. But the problem is, every time I want to connect IFTTT with my WordPress page it says “Blog URL is not a valid WordPress url”. Picture: But the thing is, first, it is […]

How to pass a numeric id to a page template?

I am using a WordPress installation with WordPress Social Login as a “canvas” for an HTML5-based board game. In the file /wp-content/themes/twentythirteen-child/front-page.php I get the numeric ID of the viewing user (returned by wp_get_current_user() method) and then her or his Facebook data (id, first name, last name, gender) from the $wpdb->prefix . ‘wslusersprofiles’ table – […]

How to prefill WordPress registration with Social

I created custom registration process in WordPress with a lot of extra fields like first name, last name etc. I would like to make integration with Facebook/LinkedIn so first name, last name, email, fields are be prefilled with Facebook/ LinkedIn , but still, users will need to enter other fields to finish registration. Is it […]