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How to replace URL protocol using PHP?

I’m using HTTPS everywhere in my website but I have problems with sharing buttons for Pinterest and Tumblr. For example, when I try to share image on Pinterest I get this error: “Sorry we could not fetch the image.” To make it work, I think I need to change image source URL protocols to HTTP […]

How to add social follow button to header?

I’m using the theme “Awaken” and I need to add social follow button on the right side of the logo, just above the search box. Please see my website here. I have included the social button in the footer section with the help of widgets but is not available for header. Thanks!

No post image when pasting link into Facebook

This thread’s solution proposes to add an absolute link to the post image within head tags so that, when pasting post URL into Facebook, the post image appears on Facebook. However this is laborious because in WordPress, getting the post image within head tags requires to execute loop code in there, and that doesn’t sound […]

Only display link to author social media when it exists

I’ve added the following code to my functions.php to expand the functionality of the user profile page and be able to add links to the social media of the authors. function my_new_contactmethods( $contactmethods ) { // Add Site $contactmethods[‘mysite’] = ‘My Site’; // Add Google Plus $contactmethods[‘google_plus’] = ‘Google Plus’; // Add Behance $contactmethods[‘behance’] = […]

Trouble displaying featured image as thumbnail when using Facebook share

I know there are many questions and articles about displaying post thumbnail (i.e. featured image) as a thumbnail for Facebook sharing but I’m still having trouble with it. I’m using AddThis plugin for WordPress and have a toolbox that shows FB share, Twitter share, G+, Digg, StumbleUpon. When I want to share through Facebook, the […]

Default image for homepage when shared in social media

Currently, my homepage contains a few of the latest posts. Therefore, when the homepage is shared via social media (i.e. Facebook), the thumbnail image which is displayed comes from the top image in the latest post. What I am trying to do, is to set it so that when the homepage is shared, a specific, […]

Post image lacking when pasting link into Facebook despite the correct og:image meta tag

Within head tags of this post page (sorry there’s a language selection prompt screen), Yoast SEO Plugin generates this: <meta content=”” property=”og:image”> Although the image linked here is Facebook compliant (above 200x200px), there’s still no image appearing when pasting the post link into Facebook. Why?

Share buttons on article footer

for a website I need to place facebook and twitter share buttons on the footer section of each article on the blog page (where are listed all the articles). I tested many social plugin and was able to have this result only using ShareThis. (I’ve tested without luck also Sharebar, Sociable and Social likes). Unfortunately […]

Whenever I am sharing a post wordpress phrase is automatically added, can anyone help?

As you can see the phrase is Want create site? Free wordpress themes.. I tried editing in Yoast Facebook option still the phrase shows up, any solution?

Can I develop a social networking Site using WordPress and its Plugins?

I am completly new to WordPress. I have a requirment where I need to develop a site where people will form communities and will blog around. They will make friends and send friend request. So its much a combination of social Networking Stuff combined with Blogging Stuff. Can somebody suggest that if I should go […]