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How to rank custom post type from score points

I use a custom field with is casino_rank_scorewith stores a point rating for example 4.9 All casinos is stored on custom post type casinos. I need to figure out how to get a rank listing like RANKED #2 of 350 CASINOS from points. WordPress stores this data to wp_postmeta table. I can get all points […]

Creating a category page by alphabet

i’m new to wordpress, and i don’t know how to code. I would like to make a page where all my animes are sorted by alphabet, like in this image I’ve heard about the wp_list_category function, so i made a separate category for each anime. Now the problem is, i dont know how to use […]

Custom post type 'orderby' => 'meta_value' not working

I have a custom post type called Member I have added code to my functions.php file to add a couple of custom column headings (which is working) for First and Last name and Member Type but I can’t get the default post_title column to sort from A-Z. I’m sure it has something to do with […]

How to show the entries in a custom taxonomy by author?

I have a website that I’m building for people to write their own books. I have a custom taxonomy for this, labeled books. I now need a link or pull-down that contains all of the authors on the site, so that viewers can see all of the books made by each author (profiles show all […]

Order posts using a custom array

I have an array of post ids which I’m passing to query_posts using ‘post__in’. My question is how can I use the order from my array rather than ordering by ‘date’ etc?

Server-side sorting of posts

I have seen on some websites that you can sort posts server-side by passing in some queries like so: or How would I do this with WordPress posts on a page?

How do I sort posts with multiple pages

I am using a drop-down to sort posts by title, meta_value, etc. However, the sorting feature only works on the first page. The second page displays the default order rather than continuing the order from page 1. I am using wp-pagenavi for pagination. Any ideas what would be causing this error? Here’s a link to […]

Reorder plugin items in the admin menu

Is it possible to reorder plugin menu items and custom admin items in the Admin menu without modifying the position in the plugin itself? I’ve tried using the method described here “Changing the Menu Order”, but when you add a page link like admin.php?page=pluginname, it doesn’t do anything. Guessing because it can’t overwrite the position […]

Possible to create a permalink to sort with meta_key?

I feel like I’ve been all around the web and back again looking for an answer to this and it’s really starting to grind my gears. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but I want to add a query_posts array to a URL in the form of a query_arg. This […]

Sort Posts By Category?

Googled this for hours, cannot find a solution. On my theme you have a Browse page which pulls all the videos from the Custom Post Type I am working with. If a user makes 30 categories then id like for users to be able to sort the videos using the Category buttons listed at the […]