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getting casino links on my woocommerce site

i am getting various casino links on my site, i have searched everywhere in the files in my database, but i can’t locate the issue, these links come and go they mostly appear in the header and the footer. After clicking on the link they linked to: http://my/sitehollywood-casino-columbus-jobs/ I have attached a screenshot. Your help […]

Bots posting comments on pages

I’m wondering how it’s possible for a bot to post a comment on page where there is no call to the comments template in the template that the page utilizes? The only place that I’m calling the comments template is on single blog posts but the bots don’t seem to care to post spam there. […]

Comment Spammed vs Trashed

What’s the difference between marking a comment as spam and trashing it?

How can I delete all users which have never commented / have posted spam comments?

My user database is full up with robots. Is there a useful SQL command to delete all the users that either a) have posted a comment marked as spam by Akismet or b) never posted a comment ?

14,000 WordPress Users. How did they get there?

Somehow my WordPress site has over 14,000 users. I know from looking at the records that these are “spam users”… Spam User Email martin28651162 martin322929651 martin443534673 martin640363627 Is there an easy way to remove all of these users without removing my actual “Real Users”? Real User Email yyyy zzzz […]

How can I delete all my existing trackbacks?

I’m sorting out a long-neglected blog. It has over 100,000 pieces of trackback spam. How can I remove them all?

How to bulk delete all WordPress subscribers?

I have 20,000 fake subscribers I’d like to get rid of. The admin panel only lets you delete 200 at a time. How can I bulk delete all WordPress subscribers via MySQL?

How to disable WordPress trackbacks?

I have high Google Page Rank, and as a result of that, lots of spammers make trackbacks. Every day I have to delete them. Will those trackbacks negatively affect my site’s SEO? How can I disable all trackbacks on my site? I have run the following code in my MySQL admin and using the WordPress […]

New users must comment when requesting username

Does any one know of a Plug in that will help with reducing the number of unknown user requests to my site? current when a new user requests access I can only see an email address and username. Is it possible to ask the user to also make a short comment, to make it easier […]

How to expire all wordpress user passwords instantly?

So I own an article directory website and recently a lot of bots have signed up and started posting spam. (I approve posts prior to publication) I’ve added a captcha to the user registration page now but for the users that are already registered I want to make their passwords expire so they have to […]