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enable SFTP via SSH keys in wordpress

can anyone help me define(‘FTP_PUBKEY’,’/home/use/.ssh/id_rsa’); define(‘FTP_PRIKEY’,’/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa’); define(‘FTP_USER’,”); define(‘FTP_PASS’,”); define(‘FTP_HOST’,’′); install at located home/user/wordpress keys located at getting incorrect keys keys permissons 600, 600 folfer 755

How to set intervals in cron jobs?

I am having a unmanaged VPS, where my wordpress site is hosted, I am also using WP-ROBOT 3 plugin for auto posting, I want it to do auto post through cron jobs, According to the documentation of the plugin, I entered this code through SSH command wget –post-data=’mincamp=2&maxcamp=3&chance=50′ -O /dev/null http://myURL/ and it worked, but […]

SSH Server with WordPress

I am connection my ftp with SSH protocol. Wordpress ask for my ftp credentials. But even if i fill them correctly, it gives me an error saying wrong username/password. my host is and port is 3446 so i am writing do i need anything else? Thank you

Unable to update WordPress or install plugins/themes

I can’t update WordPress from the back-end or install themes or plugins. Each time I try, I got this type of error: Unable to locate WordPress Root directory.. I’ve installed my WordPress in a sub-directory. I have /conclave folder for WordPress files and /content for themes, plugins and uploads. My WordPress works fine, I can […]

After upgrade to php 7 plugin/them updates broke

I upgraded my Ubuntu server to php 7 and setup ssh2. Afterwards, my WordPress plugins/themes will not update. I am receiving the Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content). This feature worked fine prior using php 5. My permissions were not changed and remain 755 (folders) 644 (files). I am using the same ssh user […]

Configure WordPress to connect to Mysql DB using SSH tunneling

Problem: Configure wordpress to use a remote mysql database only available using and SSH tunneling. Stage: I have a wordpress instance over an apache server on machine (called WP_server). WP_server, does not have Mysql server and has blocked port except 80 (http) and 22 (ssh). In other place is another machine (Mysql_server) which has a […]

Public and Private Keys are Incorrect for user

For some time, I’m getting the error Public and Private keys incorrect for wp-user when I try to update a plug-in. I’ve a CentOS 7 VPS setup with a LAMP stack. I’ve installed and configured my WordPress installation which works fine except that I can’t update plug-ins or make image uploads via the WordPress control […]

Upgraded to php7.0, now ssh updates don't work

I updated my server from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04, and one of the things that updated was PHP. After the upgrade, doing plugin updates over ssh don’t work any more. At first it was prompting for FTP login credentials until I installed php-ssh2 (which cautions that it’s based on a git snapshot). Now when […]

Failure to establish connection when provisioning via ansible-playbook server.yml

I’m using‘s Trellis workflow. I’ve encountered an error wherein I couldn’t establish a connection via ansible-playbook. When I run ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=staging it throws me an error that the ssh connection cannot be established so I checked my users.yml file and saw a problem under the keys section: – name: “{{ admin_user }}” […]

WP-CLI alias: connect with ssh proxy

I have a wp-cli.yml file that defines an alias for a remote host: @origin: ssh: path: /path/to/htdocs This would normally allow me to use wp @origin command to run remote commands on the other host. In one case, however, the remote host is only visible through an SSH proxy, so my system has an […]