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Configure WordPress to connect to Mysql DB using SSH tunneling

Problem: Configure wordpress to use a remote mysql database only available using and SSH tunneling. Stage: I have a wordpress instance over an apache server on machine (called WP_server). WP_server, does not have Mysql server and has blocked port except 80 (http) and 22 (ssh). In other place is another machine (Mysql_server) which has a […]

Public and Private Keys are Incorrect for user

For some time, I’m getting the error Public and Private keys incorrect for wp-user when I try to update a plug-in. I’ve a CentOS 7 VPS setup with a LAMP stack. I’ve installed and configured my WordPress installation which works fine except that I can’t update plug-ins or make image uploads via the WordPress control […]

Upgraded to php7.0, now ssh updates don't work

I updated my server from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04, and one of the things that updated was PHP. After the upgrade, doing plugin updates over ssh don’t work any more. At first it was prompting for FTP login credentials until I installed php-ssh2 (which cautions that it’s based on a git snapshot). Now when […]

Failure to establish connection when provisioning via ansible-playbook server.yml

I’m using‘s Trellis workflow. I’ve encountered an error wherein I couldn’t establish a connection via ansible-playbook. When I run ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=staging it throws me an error that the ssh connection cannot be established so I checked my users.yml file and saw a problem under the keys section: – name: “{{ admin_user }}” […]

WP-CLI alias: connect with ssh proxy

I have a wp-cli.yml file that defines an alias for a remote host: @origin: ssh: path: /path/to/htdocs This would normally allow me to use wp @origin command to run remote commands on the other host. In one case, however, the remote host is only visible through an SSH proxy, so my system has an […]

How to configure WP filesystem access in Linux (Ubuntu Server)?

Ubuntu Server, LAMP stack, freshly self-installed WordPress. Apparently I can’t use direct filesystem access method because files are owned by different owners (WP core unpacked by me and files WP creates by www-data). I tried my credentials for ftp method, but either something goes wrong or there is simply no FTP server installed in stack. […]

Why does WordPress need my private ssh key to update?

Configuring WordPress to update within the application (i.e. WordPress) is ideal for me because of its convenience. Nonetheless, I’m troubled by the requirements. The requested fields that show up after installing ssh2 for php ask not just my public key, but my private key as well. I would think that, at the most, only the […]