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How to protect login via SSL but not the rest of the dashboard

Is it possible to have a site’s login pages protected via SSL but then have it revert back to http:// for the dashboard pages? I am finding that https:// in the dashboard slows down my experience.

HTTPS to HTTP rewrite rules not working as expected

I’m struggling at getting these rewrite rules to work and was wondering if someone can point out my error(s). The following should redirect a user to HTTPS if they are at the login page or in the admin dashboard. If they go anywhere else on the site, it should go back to HTTP. # Redirect […]

Cannot upgrade to 4.0 – get SSL certificate error

I am not a developer. I have a blog. I don’t understand code. I am trying to update my site to 4.0 from 3.5.1 version but kept getting an SSL certificate error. I was told by my hosting service provider that it is a WordPress error and that they cannot assist except recommend a workaround. […]

Featured image on post edit page not loading over HTTPS

Our site uses TLS and to the best of my ability I’ve forced TLS everywhere. I’ve defined FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to be true and also tried the following filter which I’ve borrowed from the plugin SSL Insecure Content FIxer ( function fix_ssl_attachment_url( $url ) { if ( is_ssl() ) { if (stripos($url, ‘http://’) === 0) { $url […]

WordPress SSL not working

I logged out from wordpress site then, I edited wp-config.php and enabled SSL define(‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true); define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); then restarted apache but on trying to open I got the is Not Found The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server.

How do I convert my WordPress website to be domain agnostic?

If my website changes domain or protocol, the entire code base does not have to be updated. That is my desired result. More specifically, I want to add a php function to my child theme to convert all http requests to https automatically. I was given some docs to get started but I realize I […]

Only execute function if SSL is set up properly

I’ve created a plugin that turns all links into protocol relative URLs, like so: -> // I’m also adding a function to force HTTPS only if SSL is enabled and set up properly on the website. The following function below will force HTTPS regardless if it has been set up correctly: add_action ( ‘template_redirect’, […]

Disable WordPress accessing to check for updates

My ISP having trouble accessing through SSL connection, thus I am facing performance issues. How Can I entirely block WordPress admin trying to access to check for latest updates and other things ( By other things I mean any reason that WordPress wants to connect to through SSL ). Thanks.

WP-admin redirects to login after adding SSL certificate

I have a page on my wordpress site which adds file content to a div using jquery.get. The file being targeted is a wp-admin file. The problem is, since I added SSL certificate this file no longer loads. When I check the file which is actually loaded it appears to be the log in page. […]

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS on wordpress page

Hi Im developing a page in wordpress but not working on https, when I try to access show me this error: I try to use the plugin WP Migrate but it still not working, how can I resolve this?