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Conference website with ticket-sales + sponsorship sales with WordPress?

I am considering moving away from Drupal and drupal-cod due to the lack of good themes. The two major features I am looking for are: Ticket sales (PayPal), with receipts sent to attendee Sponsorship sales (PayPal with different options: Gold, Silver, Bronze by price-range) Secondary features: StackOverflow style forum accessible by users within a specific […]

Using stackexchange markup in WordPress (plugin?)

What plugin/etc lets me use stackexchange markup in WordPress? I was sure someone would’ve asked this question, but both of these searches: +”stackexchange markup” +”stack markup” returned nothing.

Improving a Stackoverflow “inspired” badge system to display badges in author page

I’ve been modifying a long abandoned plugin project that provides a Stackoverflow inspired badge system for WordPress. I have upgraded some of its code so it functions with the new WordPress version. Please view the plugin code here: The problem is that the original code did not provide a way to echo the badges […]

wordpress plugin that show my reputation (points) in any stackexchange project in my wordpress blogs

I’m seeking for a plugin show my points (reputation) of Stackexchange (not Stackoverflow) in my WordPress blogs. or other projects in stackexchange like : Superuser Security Serverfault SharePoint or author plugin that show points like Google plus beside the picture of every authors. or help me about “how can i develop a plugin do this […]

Bug in Stackoverflow styled badge system script

I have modified an old Stackoverflow inspired badge system script to work with the latest WordPress version. You can view the code here (and please feel free to use it if you wish). It has a condition system that detects Post tags, Post count and Comment count. You can create custom badges and assign conditions […]

link wordpress and stackoverflow

how do i link stackoverflow widget in wordpress to my profile in stackoverflow to show badges, reputaions ??

Collaborative question/answer plugin for WordPress

I am looking for a collaborative question/answer plugin built in the same sort of style as StackOverflow. Features I am looking for: Profiles Index of questions with search by tag/title/contents Vote up/down Edit yours and other peoples questions+answers (wiki style) Integrated markdown (or similar) Before you ask, yes I have seen Question and Answer Forum […]

Suggest a plugin for up/down voting posts

I need a free wordpress plugin that will allow the users to upvote or down vote every post. Something similar to If not give me suggestions of how to create one. I am a java programmer and have never coded anything in PHP.

How can I create a Quora or Stack Exchange facility without using a specialist theme?

I would like to implement a section of my site that can be used for Q&A, like Quora or the SE sites. So far, the only solution I can find is to use a specialist theme, which I don’t want to do – I want the feature to be part of an existing site. What […]