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Push from staging to live site?

I would like to be able to do changes to on a staging server, for instance Essentially, I want the live site to be dumb, i.e. not have the administrative capabilities at all. Is this at all possible? I’ve searched around for quite a bit and even though I have found similar questions, […]

Staging sites era: does it still makes sense to develop locally?

I have started years ago developing locally on my PC WordPress sites using WAMP & XAMP, as this provided multiple benefits, however now that staging sites are being offered by hosting providers, I wonder if it makes sense to keep developing locally. Main advantages developing on staging sites: Faster! My local WAMP install is SLOW, […]

Publishing WordPress from stage to production server

I’m having trouble configuring wp-config.php correctly in a staged server environment. I’m being told that I should be working in my stage environment for WordPress with an example address of It will then mirror to the production server at as they use the same database. Any uploads, plugins and themes should also be […]

How to run a test WordPressMu to WordPress3 update?

Currently I am running a wordpress MU site with ~100 blogs. It’s WordPress MU version 2.8.x Because it was so heavily used, I was asked not to update to WordPress 3 right away. The users are worried that their plugins and themes may not work once I’ve upgraded. Indeed, we activated some plugins that I […]

Controlled publishing in WordPress

We are currently rebuilding our corporate website and I’m looking for a way to control the publishing of pages. The flow to create or amend pages would be something like this: 1) New page is built or existing page is amended. 2) Page is promoted to a staging level where the business can review and […]

Staging only for Theme Files and Changes

I have a website which i would like to copy to a staging site. After i made some changes i would like to copy these changes to the live site but ONLY the theme changes. Not any Post or Page Content changes. Any ideas how this can be done easily? For example: (LIVE) […]

How to run subversion and staging environments when running WordPress

I come from a .NET world with custom solutions, where I am used to multiple staging environments and subversion for everything. I’ve been googling a lot, and have some questions on how handle highend WordPress installations with a professional workflow. I am looking for a workflow along the lines: Modifications can be made on a […]

Setup 3 Sites To Connect To 1 Database and Share Data

How do I setup 3 different WordPress installations on 3 different servers, all of which connect to a single database and also share the same data? I’d like to set up 3 different servers. One for development, QA/Staging, and Production. Each site should be isolated from the other and they are simply used to display […]

Localhost to Staging to Development Dynamic WP-CONFIG

I am trying to setup 3 environments: Localhost, Staging and Development. The issue is that each environment has its own db. We want to have ONE config file which will dynamically change the Db connection. Example: Dev Db = define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘’); Staging Db = define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘’); Production Db = define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘’); In the WP-CONFIG, I […]

Published site reverts without changes to theme

I recently added a search bar to our website by adding a plugin and adding that plugin into the appropriate place in our theme. I also added an event listener as an attribute on an element in another file. Seemingly randomly,the site will revert itself on the front-end to an older version of the theme […]