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Migrating stats from blog to self-hosted blog

I’m currently trying to migrate the stats over to a self-hosted blog for a client. Migrating databases and everything else is absolutely no problem, I just haven’t been able to find any definitive information on whether or not this is possible. Could anyone point me in the right direction to getting this solved?

Fail to get the total number of posts

I would like to get the total number of posts by the following code: <?php $published_posts = wp_count_posts()->publish; echo ‘Total posts: ‘; $published_posts; ?> The result is Total posts: without followed by a number.

Need to know custom code to display random and most viewed posts in wordpress posts and pages

My focus is to use custom but an optimized code to display random and top posts/pages in my WordPress. I have seen some recommendations where people refer to plugins, but I need codes/query only.

Remove views in single post

How to remove views in a single post like in this picture:

WordPress stats: OWA plugin overhead in the future

I’ve found a really promising stats plugin, Open Web Analytics. It has everything I need, also, it is self-hosted, without tracking cookies. The only thing I’m getting worried about is the overhead both in performance both in database size. Does anyone have experience with this plugin?

How to let authors only see website stats for their posts?

Is there a way to show each author website stats, just for the posts that they have published? I run WP as a directory service (1 post each) and thought it would be handy for authors to be able to gauge how many hit/unique visitors/etc they are getting each day/week/month. I’m familiar with Google Analytics, […]

Get total views of all posts by author

I would like to display the total amount of views per author for all posts. What would be the best way to achieve this without causing too much load on the server?

How to track clicks

On certain custom post type I would like track when visitor clicks to view for example phone number, website etc. I know I could do this with google analytics but I would also like to save this data to WordPress, so I could show this info for post author on post edit screen. Also I […]

Add estimated value for a post according to the number of words

I have a blog where paid by 2 cents per word, need to add next to the word count one text value of statistics. Anyone have any idea how to make this automatic multiplication along with the word count? example: 27 words x $ 0.02 = $ 0.54 The panel show: Words: 27 | Estimated […]

Plugin to count file download

I’m looking for a plugin which will allow me to count how many times a file has been downloaded. I don’t need neither a fancy download page nor showing the download count on the page itself, I want it just for me. I’m aware that GA can track them but if the user right-click the […]