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I have a self hosted blog but now the stats plugin has stopped working

I’ve got a self hosted blog and yesterday (18th March) the stats package stopped working. I’m getting the message: Your account, [account] is not authorized to view the stats of this blog. where [account] is the name of my account. I deleted and reinstalled the plugin’s package and got the following message when […]

How to get the “stats” plugin that comes with a blog?

On the free version of wordpress, ie the one you setup for free and get hosted at “”, it has a very nice module on the dashboard for tracking statistics. It displays a nice hit-counter graph and shows search engine terms used etc, without any clutter Is it possible to get this for a self […]

WordPress Stats keeps showing non-existent post as a top post?

For some reason, one of my top posts as reported by WordPress Stats is actually non-existent… What I see is: #2147483647 (loading title) and it links to “…?p=2147483647” which returns a 404. Now a bit of background info: I’m actually using the following permalink settings: /%category%/%postname%/ Stats for other posts seem to be fine I […]

Total number of posts in last year

How can i echo total number of posts in last year ? I‚m writing article with stats, and want to get number of posts i published last year. There is something here, but not for last year It displays only total number of all posts

What does this number represent in JetPack stats?

When signed into my blog, this graphic is up on top. I know it shows visitor pattern over 48 hours, but does anyone know what the number represents? I searched on the WP site, and am not finding this. Note to the closer – Jetpack is not 3rd party, it’s owned by the WP people […]

How to keep track of user logins?

I have a client with a private WordPress blog – that is to say, you need to log in to read it. We are using Counterize to keep track of visits to the site and to find the most popular pages. But now he wants to know which users are logging in, and perhaps how […]

How can I track active users of my plugin? and why doesn't WordPress.Org offer this?

It seems every major app platform from Android to iOS has great stats for developers. However, if you publish a plugin via you are not allowed to include any 3rd Party tracking code (for good reasons). So what can I do to track Active users by day / week / month ? and … […]

Jetpack – stats_get_csv period parameter

I’d like to create a query to show the top 6 most read posts over the last two days. However, I’d like to only include posts created within the last month to prevent older stories from showing up. I am using Jetpack and stats, so I’ve created this query for Top Posts, but I’m […]

Using stats_get_csv to return a list of popular posts by views with thumbnails

I recently learned that if you have Stats installed, you can take advantage of stats_get_csv() (Part of the Stats Plugin). <?php if ( function_exists(‘stats_get_csv’) && $top_posts = stats_get_csv(‘postviews’, ‘days=-1&limit=4’) ) : ?> <ol> <?php foreach ( $top_posts as $p ) : ?> <li><a href=”<?php echo $p[‘post_permalink’]; ?>”><?php echo $p[‘post_title’]; ?></a></li> <?php endforeach; ?> […]

Best Apache Log Analyzer Plugin?

What is the best apache log analyzer plugin for WordPress? Requirements: should produce all reports as available in flashstats: Im looking for things such as: files that have the highest impact on bandwidth usage, potential leechers, bad robots, etc… (on posting it said ‘the question you are asking appears subjective and is likely to […]