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Allow users mark posts as “complete”?

Any search keyword suggestions to help would be appreciated – not sure how best to describe this query 🙂 I have a custom post type “module”. I have ~300+ modules in my install. I have ~100+ registered users (Subscriber role) Query: I want to allow users to mark a “module” as “Complete” using a checkbox, […]

How to integrate blog status?

I want to add a “status” to my wordpress blog. My definition of status is a piece of text that say something about the blog that could be changed every day or not changed in month and completely independent of blog posts and pages. For example, in my case I need to add a brief […]

add filter to “quick edit menu” in wordpress admin

i am currently working on a wordpress plugin. the plugin includes a database table that being update every time a post is being created, edited or deleted with the data of that post. one of the columns in this table is “post_status” and i need it to be updated with the status of a post […]

How do I batch create revisions of all posts?

I cleaned up an old-site from pasted tags, manually created lists, etc, and I’d like to keep the old posts as “revisions“, so we can easily “compare” with the old posts and retrieve/revert the original content if needed. So I should either injecting the revision rows in the new DB or just naturally create them […]

How do I limit the status options for bulk/quick edit to only Published and Draft?

For my custom post type, I only want to have “Published” and “Draft” as the available options in the bulk edit and quick edit screens, i.e. I tried hooking on to the filter quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args but it doesn’t seem to get fired. I inserted a wp_die() in my callback but the admin screen lists all posts […]

How does WordPress track that a certain User is Logged-In

I am trying to identify the elements that WP uses to track that a user is logged in at any given time. (1) I know WP sets a COOKIE for tracking Does anyone know if WordPress also sets a _SESSION variable as well? Does anyone know if WordPress records login status in a DB Table […]

How to check if page has status published

How to check if page id(SomeID) is actually published?

Turn Off Automatic Trash Deletion?

I have a client who wants to use the trash feature, but keep items in there indefinitely (I have no idea why, but they insist on it). From reading this codex article on the trash status, I see that you can set the EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS constant to zero. But it says that this will disable trash […]

How to change “Draft” string for status of custom post type to “Unavailable”?

ANSWER MOD: just an important mod to the chosen answer: // check if you actually have drafts; also avoids extra ‘|’ separator if (isset($views[‘draft’])) { // ‘Drafts’ should be added (and come first) if you don’t want to end up with ‘Unavailables’ $views[‘draft’] = str_replace(array(‘Drafts’,’Draft’), ‘Unavailable’, $views[‘draft’]); } and the mentioned caveat is not showing […]

How to display the status of users (online – offline) in archive.php

I am using the code the user status How to check if a user (not current user) is logged in?. On page profile of the author it works well (thank you guys). But if I put on the archive page, at the bottom of the post, it does not work. functions.php add_action(‘wp’, ‘update_online_users_status’); function update_online_users_status(){ […]