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Hiding by default specific post status on backend list?

I created various custom post status options (like default ones: “published”, “draft” and so on) and one of them is “project closed”. I need to hide/exclude by default from post list in the backend the posts set under “project closed” post status. is there a way to this? thank you so much!

Custom post status filter links always show a count of all posts in the site with that status, not the logged in users count

I have a custom post status and the issue I have is that the filter option for it that automatically appears above the post listings on the edit.php page of the WP admin shows a total count of all the posts with this status. I want it to show a count that is specific to […]

Show user info in a hovercard

I whant to display user info in a hovercard. I use a jquery plugin to for the hovercard. I call my file like this <?php include ‘includes/tooltip.php’; ?> and this is my code from tooltip.php. <div class=”tip-info”> <?php if ($comment->user_id) {$userdata=get_userdata($comment->user_id); echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->display_name . ‘</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->user_description .'</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. $userdata->twitter.'</span>’; echo ‘<span>’. […]

WordPress capabilities on pending post status

I have user with contributor user role. In default if you publish article as contributor you can only view it and you can’t delete or edit it. But when you submit new post for review, you can do all those things (edit, delete, preview). I want to restrict edit and delete actions for contributor, if […]

Restrict edit, but allow preview for custom post status

I am developing a WordPress site with Edit Flow plugin, so I can create custom post statuses to manage author and contributor posts more easily. So I have created custom post status and I’ve got following filter to restrict edit capabilities to that post. It is working fine, but the problem is that users (except […]

$error = 404 after caught add_rewrite_rule

I have a rewrite rule as this to caught old urls from a previous version of the site: add_rewrite_rule( ‘(ninos|familia|hogar|mujeres|hombres)-[a-z-]+\.php’, ‘old_id_redirect.php’, ‘top’ ); The rewrite rule works more or less as intended, and I see in the debugger that the request goes through old_id_redirect.php. In there, there is only (so far) a call to wp-blog-header.php, […]

Change Visibility to Private

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to change the status of a post to private after a comment has been submitted. More specifically 3 comments, I do already have some code made up and would like to add this function within it. Would it be possible for me to hook […]

How to change post status from frontend?

I’d like to add the posts in my loop the ability to toggle them between different post statuses (e.g. publish/draft). What’s the best way to do it? Thanks in advance!

All, published and pending order

On the list tables of the administration panels, I want to change the order of the filters on top of the table. What I want: Pending Published All I tried to act on a line from the “wp-list-table” file which is by default: $status_links = array_merge( array_slice( $status_links, 0, $split ), array_slice( $status_links, 0, $split […]

Allow users mark posts as “complete”?

Any search keyword suggestions to help would be appreciated – not sure how best to describe this query 🙂 I have a custom post type “module”. I have ~300+ modules in my install. I have ~100+ registered users (Subscriber role) Query: I want to allow users to mark a “module” as “Complete” using a checkbox, […]