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Top Nav submenus wpon't stay open – only in FF and only sometimes

I’ve been up and down my header and nav trying to find why the top nav submenus won’t stay open about 50% of the time. This doesn’t happen in any other browser, but it’s a significant enough issue in just FF that I have to get it fixed. the url is The issue is […]

If current menu item is child or parent with child?

Is it possible to check in WP if the current page/menu item is a child or a parent with child (in my wp_nav_menu)? So not if the page has a child page, but if the menu item is a parent with child or a child (based on my wp_nav_menu).

How to hightlight all ancestor menu items of a child page NOT displayed in menu

Here’s the situation: In my main navigation menu I have something that looks like this: Work with Me Latest Projects Where the Latest Projects page is a child page and sub menu item of the Work With Me page and both are displayed in the main navigation. However, I have multiple Project pages that are […]

WordPress Custom Menu Admin helper plugin

I’m creating learning system in WordPress and I have a lot of pages instead of post. Those pages needs to be in a custom menu with two sub items. It gets really confusing to add pages to the menus because the add to menu section is so tiny. Also some of the sub-pages doesn’t show […]

URL links consistent with menus?

I’d like to have a URL links consistent with menus on the page. For example: Menu1: Submenu1 item1 item2 Submenu2 item3 item4 Menu2: Submenu… etc.. The corresponding links shoud be: etc. However, the links are etc. How can I fix this?

Mark menu item as current-menu-item for category

I have some categories on my WP website. When users sees this categories and posts from them i want to mark one of menu items as active. How can i set one of my menu items to have class “current-menu-item” for this categories and posts?

Replace anchor tag with span tag

I have created my custom menu having many items and sub items, the markup is like this <a href=”#”>Item</a>but for parent element I need to replace anchor tag with the span tag having some class for styling purpose, only for my parent elements. It should be like this, <span class=”my-class”>Parent Element</span>. Can any one please […]

Add a sub menu page to the Users menu

I added a new link in my WordPress. The url is wp-admin/users.php?page=business&user_id=2 but when I access the page is says You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I know that the page is not created yet business How will I create new page so that I can work on page=business?

Get parents child pages

I have this code: <?php global $post; $children = get_pages( array( ‘child_of’ => $post->ID ) ); if ( is_page() && $post->post_parent > 0 ) { // Is subpage // Here I want to get all sibling from the current page } else { // Is no subpage if( count( $children ) == 0 ) { […]

sub-page settings saving in NETWORK DASHBOARD

In single WP installations, on a plugin’s generated sub-page, you put <form action=”options.php” … does the job well. However, in Multisite Network sub-page, options.php doesnt work, nor settings.php (it redirects to that page after form submission)… I cant find out what page to use there, to send <form> values to that page which will save […]