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How can I link users across multiple subdomains?

I am trying to create a website that would contain 2-3 subdomains. The reason I want it to include subdomains is because the website is split up into several distinct parts, and each part requires its own theme and plugins. Is there some way I can have users register for one site, and either 1) […]

WildCard SSL with wordpress subdomain

So I have a main domain site called: and I recently bought wildcard SSL to try and get the main domain and all its sub-domains to be encrypted and be force all files to use https. After signing up for the service the certificate covers all domains like: * but all my subdomains have […]

Create subdomains for tags and categories

I’d like to find a way to make subdomain addresses work for some of my important tags and categories. For instance would show content for I’ve been trying to make this working using my .htaccess file and the DNS but I can’t get it to work properly. Making the subdomain forward to the […]

WordPress subdomain wp-admin redirects to main domain

we have a wordpress installation running on address We wanted to have a development site for it as a subdomain, so we created a subdomain on cpanel. Created a duplicate of its database and replicated the files to the directory root of Then modified wp-config.php to point to the duplicate db. Now […]

Subdomains to pages

Hi I have a website on wordpress which have 2 pages which I meant to convert it to subdomain. Eg: Let my website at be there are two pages and I want them to be accessible at & respectively. Also I have may subpages to page1 which i wanna access […]

How would you detect if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory (not root)?

I want to check if a WordPress installation is working from a subdirectory. Common methods to achieve this are listed here: these usually involve changing an index file and requiring WordPress main file from there, perhaps changing rules in htaccess if using Apache – there’s no setting up constants from what I can see […]

Problem with loading images from child theme CSS file with relevant path

I am getting an issue with loading relevant images within CSS file from a child theme directory. I placed – Sites: OR body{ background-image: url(/wp-content/themes/child-theme-name/images/some-image.png); } Now the above works fine when the site is in the root folder (or sub-domains) but the path breaks when the site is from a sub-directory installation. […]

Moving a blog from a subdomain to a folder

I’m going to move my blog from to the main Wordfruit site is in PHP and the blog is WordPress. I know I can make the change at wp-admin/options-general.php …I want to make sure I don’t create problems when I make that change… Do I not need to create any folders etc on […]

WP MU – Accessing 'Domain-Mapped' WP-Admin with a subdomain

After mapping the domains to each WP MU blog I’m having to separately login to each of the blogs and from what I’ve read online it’s not possible or not secure to keep a user logged in on different domains if you’re using cookies. Is it possible to still have each WP blog mapped ( […]

Make Search Function include subdomain (

Wondering if there’s a way to edit our search.php or .htaccess or function.php (or anything else…) so that our search function on our main site ( includes the subdomain of Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated it..