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Custom permalink structure with %postname% in front of domain name

We are running a software review website, and we have a very large amount of reviews currently done, and we would like to restructure if its at all possible. I would like to know if there’s a chance of getting some sort of a redirect, or custom permalink structure to point as following: The current […]

Admin mode breaks with subdomains in latest WP

This is the symptom/issue – I am using a subdomain, and latest WordPress Rev, as well as PHP on server. When signed in to my site as admin, if I choose admin/customize, I get a new signon screen within a frame and message “Session expired. Please log in again. You will not move away from […]

Folder wordpress page redirect

I have my wordpress on a folder, lets say /blog. I would like to be albe to redirect virtualy the users so visit some specific urls to a page. Let’s say: I have my terms page that so it is on /blog/terms I would like that users who access directly on /terms see that page […]

Installing other applications alongside WordPress multisite and configuring dns routing

I have configured a subdomain on my server and in DNS at my registrar as I have done many times. I don’t want this particular subdomain to use my multisite WordPress install but all requests are being routed to Can anyone suggest what configuration step I have missed to prevent WordPress from receiving requests […]

Subdomains permalinks issues

I am using Main Category As Subdomain plugin for subdomains but getting some issues it is giving this type urls: ( But i need this type ulrs: ( Note: it is repeating news two time i.e duplicate please give me solutions Thanks D.Nayak

WordPress Multisite/Network – How to use a subdomain as main blog and subdomain for child sites

I want to set up a WordPress Multisite where the main admin/blog URL will be on a subdomain, like, and then additional sites I create will also be subdomains under, such as Instead, in WordPress’s Network Setup section, it only allows subdomains like How can I have the main site be […]

Redirect all subdomains to root domain

I use WordPress and would like to redirect all non-existing subdomains (or all subdomains) to the main domain. Examples of urls to be redirected: TO This is my default WordPress .htaccces of the main domain (I am editing this). Any folders or files for non-existing subdomains do not exist. # […]

Automatically generator a WordPress installation on my subdomain

i am currently working on a project which i hope will result in a e-commerce platform as Shopify. The reason im building this project, are so my customers are able to pay monthly for day WordPress site. To the question, how can i make it possible to automatically generate a WordPress installation, when my customers […]

Multisite – getting a 404 for additional site created using subdomain install

I created an additional site on my multisite subdomain installation. Now when I try to visit the new site or its wp-admin, I get a 404 error. My wordpress instance is hosted on AWS Checked the following AllowOverride is set to All in httpd.conf contents of .htaccess are the same as those in Network settings […]

How to query blogs posts of WordPress sub domain?

I am using WordPress 3.2.1 multi-user. I need to show posts from a specific sub domain in my home page, for example: I need to show posts from sub-blog in my home page. Is their any special code to query from a specific blog?