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Tag subscription option in wordpress. How?

I love stackexchange’s tag subscription feature. Now i’m receiving email notifications only for the topics i’m interested in. I would like to have this feature in my wordpress site. Is there any good tag subscription plugin available?. If there is no plugin available why not WA experts create one and submit it in the WPSE […]

How to get subscription key or id using Woocommerce Subscriptions

I need to get the subscription key of a particular subscription to pass into a custom function. I have referenced the documentation where it shows how to get the key, but I have failed to integrate this into my code. So what my code does is, when a renewal is triggered, I hook into processed_subscription_payment […]

Is it possible to install two mail plugins together in a single WordPress site? How to do it?

I am working for a site currently having MailPoet to send all the newsletters. We have around 800 subscribers and everything is configured properly and working fine. Now, we got around 5000 emails for a new mailing list required only for a specific event that we are hosting. Mails need to be sent to these […]

How can I transfer followers from to a self-hosted WordPress?

Recently, I performed a domain migration from a domain to a self-hosted solution. The primary complaint was the loss of followers gained through WordPress ( ) I don’t see any plugins that Automattic has released to allow similar functionality to “Subscribe” and “Like” content on self-hosted blogs, so it’s feeling more and more […]

Looking for a subscriber list management system

Is there any plugin that enables the creation of forms and has a smart tool for subscribers (not site visitors who registered) database management? I’m looking for a plugin that does that for a long time for different type of needs. For example, event subscription, workshops, courses etc. I don’t need an event/calendar tool, just […]

How to auto send email when publishing a custom post type?

I’d like to have an email automatically sent out to my website’s subscribers when I publish a post for a specific custom post type. I’ve found a few plugins that will do this but only for regular posts (or for any post type that gets published, not allowing you to specify a particular post type). […]

Subscribe from another website to the same list

I am using Email Subscribers and newsletters 1.0 plugin in wordpress 4.7.2 I created a daughter website and wanted to subscribe to the same subscribe list. How will this be done? I could not find something similar to a mailchimp action url which I can enter anywhere.

How to alert users when new posts appear under search query?

I have been hunting the web for days for this feature, and I am kind of surprised it’s so hard to find / nobody really talks about it! I have a WordPress site with a custom post type that can be pulled by different search attributes. I am looking for a way for users to […]

WordPress plugin for mail subscriptions

I’m working on a news site built with WordPress, and I now want to add a page for subscriptions. This will be paid subscriptions for the printed paper that people can get delivered to their home. My question is: is there a WordPress plugin already created for this (free or paid)? I wouldn’t really want […]

Is there an email subscription plugin which allows user to select category?

I would like users to be able to choose which categories they would like to receive email notifications about when new posts are added. Is there an exsisting plug-in with this functionality. Please don’t be confused with subscribe2’s global category exclusion setting. I don’t believe subscribe2 allows users to choose categories at the time of […]