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Synchronise Renewals on existing subscriptions

I have a site that uses woocommerce together with subscriptions plugin. And I have recently turned on “Synchronise Renewals”, I see that it works great for new people signing up for a subscription. But the previous subscriptions are not renewing to the specific day, but is renewing on the same day they signed up.. How […]

Woocommerce comments subscription

I want to ask you that I translated all my site’s texts but I can not translate comments subscription option on product page. from which php file I can translate texts? Thank you in advance 🙂 Here is the picture ;

How to display Feedburner subscription count as plain text via a shortcode in post/page editor of my WordPress blog?

I would like to create a shortcode like [feedcount] in my wordpress blog to display Feedburner subscription count as plain text on some of my posts/pages. Moreover, I’d prefer in the case that the Feedburner API is not unavailable, the shortcode shows “many other” instead of the count. How can I do that?

What are the pros and cons to a WordPress run newsletter v. third party newsletter?

I am currently building a site that will use newsletters, email notifications for new posts and email notifications for new comments on posts. I keep going back and forth between running this through third party sites and doing it solely through my WordPress website. I should mention, when I say third party, I am including […]

How to set up a simple email subscription?

I am working on a new WordPress site, and I want to have a placeholder “under construction” page while I’m setting it up that has a link to subscribe to an email service. The subscription service would be used to tell users that the real website is live. Here is an image of the placeholder […]

How can I replace Email addresses with BitMessage Addresses througout wordpress?

BitMessage ( is a peer-to-peer email system kind of based on BitTorrent. By itself, this software and its’ messages are not compatible with email, so in order to send an email to a bitmessage address, a Gateway service has been created here: The gateway works by simply allowing anyone to send an email to […]

WordPress plugin subscribe2 not looking the same as before migration

I migrated my wordpress, and the subscribe2 plugin looks different now. Before it has a text box with a placeholder, and then two buttons under saying subscribe and unsubscribe. The old plugin was version 4.16, and now the new version is 10.21. The way the new version looks like, is there is no input […]

Product queue for my subscription box

I’m in the process of developing my subscription box and was struggling a bit with the available solutions on the backend of my site. I only send one item (as a start) in my box every month and I want my customers to choose from my catalog of products what they want in a particular […]

Error While Sending Comment

I’m trying to apply this tutorial to my blog. I’m using Woothemes’ Bueno Theme . I’m adding this code to my theme’s functions.php file : function ymc_add_meta_settings($comment_id) { add_comment_meta( $comment_id, ‘mailchimp_subscribe’, $_POST[‘mailchimp_subscribe’], true ); } add_action(‘comment_post’, ‘ymc_add_meta_settings’, 1); function ymc_subscription_add( $cid, $comment ) { $cid = (int) $cid; if ( !is_object($comment) ) $comment = get_comment($cid); […]

Plugins to Enable Subscriptions of Digital Assets?

(@mikeschinkel: Before edit title was: is there a plugin/set of plugins for providing subscription to digital assets on an individual or large scale?) I’m trying to set up a site where a substantial amount of PDFs will be sold both individually and a subscription will be sold to a library – so anyone from that […]