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My WordPress Website Has Gone

I have lost my wordpress website. I tried to edit the Custom CSS. I didn’t have a Child Theme as I didn’t know what one was until now. I clearly have put the code in the wrong area and it’s ruined it. But it has gone blank and I can’t access the website I was […]

Is it normal/acceptable for plugin/theme developers to ask for an admin login to investigate a trouble ticket?

I shan’t name and shame, but basically, we had a plugin on our site that would cause the page its content was embedded into to disappear if the site’s PHP version was higher than PHP5, which was sad as what it provided was really helpful. As having a lower PHP version was slowing down our […]

How can I set a vote on the comments?

In this wordpress blog, one can vote the comments. I am wondering how can I set up this function in my wordpress blog?

How to handle support for a non-technical client

I am wondering how most WP freelancers handle general maintenance for their non-technical clients. A small to medium sized business may have someone with technical knowledge who can handle upgrades, plugin installs, etc. For a one person shop where they have no experience with WordPress, or any CMS, how do you handle maintenance? I assume […]

“WordPress installations is currently out of date” problem with difficult situation

[NOTE] I had asked this question in’s support forum one month ago. But I didn’t get any feedback there. And I am not sure whether or not this is right place to ask this question. But I hope there are developers from WordPress on StackOverflow to look at my question and give me some […] support topics returning 404

Recently, in the last day or two (2016 09 28), several Google searches on wordpress topics have sent me to… like this one: how to add new sidebar in Widgets section that return 404, Page not found. Does anyone know if there has been a change, or a temporary failure, at

List Category Posts rewrite necessitates rewrite of customised templates

I just upgraded the List Category Posts plugin from .17 to .18.3, and it broke my customised template :(. My setup: WP 3.0.4 multisite network enabled, local installation with MAMP, PHP 5.3.2. LCP plugin installed automatically. Works fine with the default template. However, you’ve rewritten the code such that the template had to be rewritten […]

Why wordpress showe “admin is editing…” whoever edits?

WordPress warns users when two of them are editing the same article, but the warning always says “admin is editing this page”. Admin is currently logged off and the message is caused by another author. Language files have the %s in place.

Custom Post Types for Support Ticket plugin?

I am about to write a (quite simple) plugin for support tickets, where a user signs up, adds one or more sites, and adds support tickets under each of the sites. My question is about how to structure this without relying on other plugins for functionality: The user signs up and gets a new role […]

NextGen Gallery – automatically create gallery sub page?

In order to use Breadcrumbs NavXT to display the title of a gallery, you need to create a new gallery subpage that the gallery will link to. Is there a way to make NextGen automatically create this gallery subpage named by the title of the gallery?