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Custom Post Types for Support Ticket plugin?

I am about to write a (quite simple) plugin for support tickets, where a user signs up, adds one or more sites, and adds support tickets under each of the sites. My question is about how to structure this without relying on other plugins for functionality: The user signs up and gets a new role […]

NextGen Gallery – automatically create gallery sub page?

In order to use Breadcrumbs NavXT to display the title of a gallery, you need to create a new gallery subpage that the gallery will link to. Is there a way to make NextGen automatically create this gallery subpage named by the title of the gallery?

Should I host support forum on or my own website?

I have a WordPress plugin WP Pipes hosted at I see that it is convenience for users to ask question right in the support page at, but it will be a pain when we have lots of topics in there. Is there anyone here have experience about that? Should we offer support service […]

How to search a wordpress plugin's support forum? plugin’s have a support forum, but I don’t see a way to search it, which makes finding issues related to a specific plugin pretty hard. Am I missing something? or is this option simply not available? Example of a support forum page:

How to get a list of post types that “support” various things such as page-attributes?

When you register a post type you can pass an array of arguments that it “supports.” (For example, “page-attributes,” “author,” “editor,” etc.) I see that get_post_types has some args you can filter by, but how can I filter those that “support” specific features such as “page-attributes” or “author”? I realize I could run a loop […]

Supporting older WordPress versions in a Plugin/Theme?

The practice of only supporting latest WP version seems popular in WP development circles, yet there is massive percentage of blogs running outdated versions. Not supporting those plugins seems it can lead to significantly less usage than if (some) older versions are supported. Support of older version comes with major issues, especially: Complicated testing for […]

Where do I get “Bug Information” to add to a question?

I have exactly the same issue as this closed question and want to resolve it. In the comment section it asks the OP to add “Bug Information”. Where do I get bug information from so I can add it to my question on this stack? I am new to WordPress (if thats not obvious) and […]