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How do I implement a .diff changeset from locally?

I have a local copy of the latest version of wordpress that I set up using svn co There is a diff that I want to pull into my local fileset: Is this something that I can do with subversion? What commands do I need to use?

How long should it take for a plugin to fully load into the plugin repository?

I updated my plugin, Export to Text, to 1.3 and committed it to the WordPress SVN repository yesterday. The 1.3 download button was available pretty quickly, but a day later the read me text is not rendering on the plugin page and the download update reminder is not working in the WP UI for users […] codebase

Is the codebase that runs publicly available? Specifically, I’m interested in the part that parses the plugins SVN repository to determine the current and past versions of plugins. I know that I have to look at the tags for each plugin but there are complexities around which tag is marked as the Stable tag […]

Plugin update not reflected in WordPress plugin page

I’ve created a plugin and added it to WP plugins repository. Later, I’ve seen few mistakes on readme.txt file. So I’ve fixed it and commited the changes: svn add –force trunk/readme.txt svn ci -m ‘Fix readme.txt’ Then, the changes have been reflected on WP plugin page. I’ve done a few more changes on the same […]

My new WordPress plugin version is not showing up in the plugin directory. It's been 4 days what could the problem be?

Hi to all I made a wordpress plugin amtythumb post. All previous versions are reflected at worpress SVN within some hours. But this time 5.5 version of my plugin is not being reflected on wordpress plugin site even after 3-4 days. just check wordpress plugin site And SVN for confirmation, Please let me […]

Using Subversion to deploy WordPress

I use Subversion with my websites. Up until now, this has meant creating a new repo for each of my sites. However, this is wholly inefficient as it means me lugging around the whole WordPress source for each of the sites. It also has meant that I have to copy plugins between repos and thus […]

Is there a seamless solution for submitting plugins to SVN and GitHub?

Possible Duplicate: How-to: push a GitHub repo to the wordpress plugin servers I love WordPress, but I also love GitHub. Would love to know if there is a seamless solution to using both SVN and GitHub for plugin development?

Do you have to have command line access to use Subversion with WordPress?

My group does not have command line access to the machine that is running our WordPress instance. However, we would still like to install/update using Subversion. Is this possible? Also, does Subversion need to be on the same machine?

How to handle the Plugin Version on Update using Tortoise SVN and the Plugin Repository?

Recently I tried to update my plugin to WP server. The update to trunk folder went fine, but when I created a folder with a new version under tags folder and tried to upload it, only the immediate children files of this folder where uploaded successfully and the sub folders weren’t. Eventually I figured out […]

Setting up SVN for teamwork on WordPress custom theme development

Amongst technical devs, it’s pretty straightforward to get everyone running their own local dev server, get TortoiseSVN running, and then commit changes periodically to the repository. We can then update the version of the test site on the shared server from this repo and everyone is happy. Except the designers who are just scratching their […]