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Two live WP websites – how to sync?

I need to have two websites in different servers, because of really slow page load times from China. So we are planning to take server from China and clone/sync website. I’m not familiar of syncing live websites. What kind of solutions is available for this? What are the drawbacks and problems on this? What must […]

Cloning and syncing a WordPress website

I plan to bulid up a nice developer environment and for this I need to clone the actual running website to a 100% into a dev directory. I’ve now uploaded the same version of wordpress as on my running site and wondering if I could enter the same database and the same prefix as for […]

How to keep several local copies of a theme in sync?

I am working on several sites on a local installation of apache/mysql, using virtual hosts. I have created a child theme for twentyeleven and I want to use that child theme like a framework for all my sites locally. My question are : How can I keep all the copies of my “framework” automatically up […]

How to sync roles across Multisite?

How to synchronize roles on all sites of the Multisite Network if roles were changed on main site?

Localhost WordPress not recognizing my online WordPress account

I just downloaded and installed XAMPP and WordPress to be able to create and edit my websites in my local machine, but I have a problem. In the WordPress installation process I was requested to create a new account, so I did. The thing is I already have a WordPress account. The newer one that […]

Synchronizing Two WordPress Sites Content

I’ve googled a lot, and I do have found answers at WordPress SE and at However, the answers are somewhat incomplete or doesn’t work at all. Here I’ll explain my problem in detail, give my progress on the problem and the obstacles I’m facing in solving the problem. Assumptions:- Plugins and themes at both […]

synchronize localy hosted wordpress with online one

Here is some discussion but my question is bit different. Is there any way to synchronize all data (including themes, plugins & media) of locally hosted (on xampp) wordpress with online version?

Disqus deleted comments are syncing with wordpress but active comments do not

And the sync is also not being automatic, I have to go in the Sync Comments option. I’ve tried almost everything and none of them worked. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Disqus Comments: Disqus comments synchronized with wordpress. As you can see, all comments have already been deleted from Disqus and none that […]

Execute long and heavy processes

I have developed a plugin to my WordPress website which has a sync (I’ll call it a “sync” because it does a lot of stuff to sync my database with another one) method that can take up to 20 minutes to finish. It’s not doable to associate that sync event to a button in my […]

How to Mirror WordPress database from Remote server to Local server

Before I embark on this tutorial from the WordPress Codex on mirroring a WordPress database from a remote server to a local one. I’d like to get some feedback from SE users who have successfully achieved this, or who have followed the same tutorial. Here are my questions: What methods have you guys used to […]