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WordPress – Sync wordpress post with JSON feed

I hope you all are doing well. I need to ask something, I tried searching for this but unable to get any relevant answer. I have a JSON feed and using that feed I want to create posts and want to sync/updated those posts whenever JSON feeds changes. Please guide me in this regards. I […]

How to sync tags between posts that are linked through Posts 2 Posts?

I am faced with a thorny problem and can’t seem to find the solution in the wealth of community knowledge on the web. I have two custom posts types “Person” and “Activities”. I use posts 2 posts (plugin) to link Persons with their various Activities and vice-versa. I have Taxonomies which apply to Activities. They […]

How to synchronize user profile fields in multisite?

I’m using wordpress multisite. I installed Multisite user management plugin. If a user register in my main sites then that user automatically added in all my sites. My problem it doesn’t copy the profile datas. I don’t want my users to fill the same data in all 50 sites. So is there any code available […]

Syncing BuddyPress and WordPress profile fields

BuddyPress and WordPress store profile information in 2 separate locations, and there’s a process to sync profile data between the 2 tables. However, this is pretty much limited (from how I’m reading the code) to a single name field. What’s the best way of adding other profile fields to this sync process (I’m particularly thinking […]

Custom Post type in separate database table for syncing

I have a custom post type which needs to be in sync between two different websites housed in different servers. If either site edits, inserts, or deletes, the other database will also have to update its database for the change. The issue I see is, the ID’s will be offset between the two databases. So […]

How can I sync WordPress plugin settings between environments?

I currently: Have identical environments for development (vagrant) and production (elastic beanstalk). Use git push to deploy code from the development to the production environment. Create posts and pages using the production environment’s WordPress. Import the production database into the development database to stay in sync. While I know this strategy works, I feel lost […]

Staging sites, how do you manage synchronising updates in the DB?

It is broadly accepted that developers should test updates through a staging site before releasing them to the live server, however once the development updates require modifications in WordPress DB, things get complicated, as users in the live site will update the DB too. The only (muddled) flow I can imagine is the following: Test […]

WordPress as XML-RPC client?

I want to sync post edits on two sites. Test environment, not production. Single direction (site A to site B, but not backwards). Basically I edit post at my local test stack and same post (part of test content set) at remote server should be updated with identical copy of resulting content. I know that […]

WordPress database synch between dev and prod

Question has been asked before about how to synchronize files as well as the database between two WordPress installations. For the database level, the answer is usually to basically dump one database and insert it onto another server. The problem with this is that you end up losing any changes that have potentially been made […]