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My Syntax Highlighter Died, What Now?

On my wordpress install (hosted by 1&1) a few years back I installed “Syntax Highlighter for WordPress” (I’m currently at Everything was going great until yesterday when something got updated and now my syntax highlighting doesnt work. I can see when “view source” that the <pre> tag that is created by my [cpp] tag […]

Tools for styling code snippet in a web page

I’m a software developer and I’ve started my first blog on Information Technology. Since I’m using wordpress (hosted free plan) as blogging platform, I’m wondering if there’s a fast and useful way for styling code snippet in my posts.

Page/post editor with syntax highlighting

is there a plugin that replaces/enhances the built-in Page/Post HTML editor so that HTML is syntax-highlighted? What I’m looking for is something like “Power Code Editor” but for editing Pages/Posts. NOTE: Just to be absolutely clear: I am not looking for a plugin that let me post highlighted code snippets, I just want to edit […]

replace html entities in posts between pre tags

I run a wordpress blog with a syntax highlighter plugin (Crayon). The plugin highlights code between pre tags, example: <pre class=”lang:languageid” title=”example”> some code </pre> WordPress sometimes replaces characters suchs as ” & < > with html entities which are shown in the code &quot; &amp; etc. I tried several plugins that should prevent this […]

syntax highlighting and <?php rewriting

I am using this plugin: Which appears to work ok, minus a few glitches here and there. My problem, is that I think WordPress is rewriting <?php with <!–?php and other tags, presumably for security. Is there any way to disable this functionality, so that I can show code in it’s full: Here is […]

code highiglight not working comment

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin installed on my blog. Code highlight working on post,but no comments.. I am showing the comment form with the different codes : <form method=”post” name=”commentform” onsubmit=”return false” id=”commentform”> <textarea name=”comment” id=”commentr” cols=”50″ rows=”10″ tabindex=”4″> </textarea> <input type=”hidden” name=”send” id=”send” value=”1″ /> <span class=”t”></span> <input type=”submit” class=”sendmain” name=”sendmain” onclick=”_sendmain(‘<?php echo $post->ID; ?>’);” value=”Send” […]

Strange problems when I try to insert HTML\XML code snippet in my posts

I am experiencing some problems while trying to insert XML code snippet into my WordPress articles. I have just read this tutorial: I am using the base WordPress editor to write my articles (not using other plugin) I am using the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to enter code snippet inside my blog. I am experiencing […]

syntax highlighting for theme-editor.php?

Is there any syntax highlighter for wordpress. This is not to post code snippets on posts but for the backend/theme editor of wordpress. If not do you think it will be implemented in sometime future?

Proper implementation/use of code/syntax highlighting

I’ve already read what I can on a couple of sites and installed this plug-in: I’m missing how to make it work. Now I have two questions: Do I have to type in the Visual window or the HTML window? Does TinyMCE mess with this? I’ve seen my code disappear in the HTML […]

Color java code the way it is colored in eclipse

There are a lot of plugins that color code. But most java developers work with Eclipse and Eclipse has a very specific way of coloring code. Is there a plugin that colors code exactly the same way Eclipse does?