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When I re-save a post with sections, the entities are double-escaped (> becomes > etc)

I’ve a hard time googling for this issue. On my blog, whenever I update an existing page, code sections are doubly escaped. I.e., on a recent page I have find /V “QWERTYUIOPPO” < calc.exe:yourads.txt and after a recent edit it has become: find /V &quot;QWERTYUIOPPO&quot; &lt; calc.exe:yourads.txt When I save it once more, it will […]

Best Practise on embedding code on WordPress?

I have two blog sites. One hosted with, one self-hosted with We are a technical company, and a number of our blog posts will be about HTML, Javascript, .NET, etc. and we would like to embed code snippets within our posts. We have about 20 authors on each blog, and from experience, I […]

Getting &lt; and &gt; instead of < > while posting code

hi everyone I am getting this &lt and &gt instead of < and > while posting my code, I am using enlighter plugin, I was using syntax highlighter before there also I was facing the same problem, frustated. I am frustrated with this please help.

How to have syntax highlighting in blogs?

Is there a way I could install some plugin or have syntax highlighting for my blog or do I need to install WP on my own server to be able to install a plugin to do that?

How can I highlight syntax like it appears on stackoverflow?

Suppose I am writing a post and want to highlight only a couple of characters: like this. How can I achieve this?

How to stop wordpress mangling R syntax '<-'?

I have a self-hosted WP install, and have been using codecolorer (and have tried a few others along the way) to highlight R syntax. Looks nice, too. The problem is that R uses a <- symbol instead of = when assigning objects (on pretty much every single line), and when you switch from ‘Visual’ to […]

How to work with Syntax Highlighter Evolved?

I have installed Syntax Highlighter Evolved to simplify code snippets writing and highlighting. I know that it is quite popular and used by many bloggers, so I must be doing something wrong because it drives me mad. I’m writting my first blog post and I want to include several C# and XML code snippets. I […]

Syntax Highlighter XML striping

I am really frustrated with availible Syntax Highlighter’s on the market it seems that no matter which one I use, after pressing “Save Draft” or “Publish” and after I change from Visual to Html or reverse I am loosing the xml snippet code. Also, other code (C#, PHP) just loosing their style, especially break lines […]

Highlight Syntax Inline

I’m looking for a plugin that is compatible up to the current version of WordPress (3.1.1 as of writing of this question) and that supports some kind of inline highlighting of programming language syntax. Basically, I want to be able to write a function name or a variable name or a quick if statement as […]

What theme is good for posting code?

I have my blog hosted at and I guess it’s good enough. But problems arise when the lines of code get longer than 30 characters. The lines just wrap and get icky or something they even don’t wrap! In your experience what’s a great WordPress theme for a developers blog to post code to? […]