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Search Posts / Pages with multiple options?

Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Need to design a website for Alcoholics Anonymous (local Chapter) to search for meetings. Need to search for multiple choices of meetings for example. Men’s meeting, on Monday, in the after noon, which is a open discussion meeting, in the city of Sylvania, Ohio. Other choices could […]

Display assigned terms with link

I want to display product assigned terms, wrapped in link/anchor MarkUp, in my sidebar on a page as a widget. I am not getting the correct tag URL. Code returns visited product URL instead of listed tags URL. Here is the problematic part of the code. What is the correct use of get_the_terms()? $custom_terms = […]

Limit tag word count

I want to limit user to enter post_tag only words of two not more that. If any of the tag is more than two words the user caanot publish the post. I need to use this function to count word. function count_words( $text ) { $text2 = preg_replace( ‘/<.[^<>]*?>/’, ‘ ‘, $text ); $text2 = […]

Create single.php for specific tag by tag id or name

i have multiple tags and want to create multiple single.php for everyone tag. How create single.php for tags?? This code working well for category, how to edit it for tags?? function my_category_templates($single_template) { global $post; if ( in_category( ‘raspee’ )) { $single_template = dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/single-raspee.php’; } return $single_template; } add_filter( “single_template”, “my_category_templates” […]

Copy Tags from one post type to another post type

Hi I am not very experienced with plugin development. I am using Ultimate member plugin and my client wants to copy all the tags from Ultimate Member plugin (custom post type) to WordPress standard Posts type tags. Is there any query that i can copy all these? Because there are hundreds of tags that i […]

how to filter each tag item?

By default wordpress displays tags as: Tagged in: Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, …so on I want to print it as Tagged in: #Tag1, #Tag2, #Tag3, …so on I know I can do this using CSS by using :before, but I thought of doing this the PHP way. I searched the documentation and couldn’t figure out much, […]

Can custom taxonomies items have attached properties?

Let’s say for (a classic) example that I want to create an event custom post type, which will have assigned some specific fields/properties. One of them: location venue. Location venue, which I’m thinking should be a tag in a custom taxonomy, would have, besides the title, also an url and a pair of coordinates, for […]

How to customize tag and category post listings to show introductory content?

In wordpress, we allow google to index our category and tag pages. We don’t use no-index for tag or categories, which results very high ranking in a lots of keywords and we are receiving very high traffic from google. We also use WordPress SEO for SEO. We don’t have so many control on the content […]

Tags in WordPress 3.2

Why I can’t add tags since WordPress 3.2 ?! Ajax doesn’t seem to work… I gonna be crazy. Any help please ?

Tags as a dropdown with set tags

Sorry if this is a silly question but is it possible to have a taglist as a dropdown? I have a page where users can post theyre own content, and I would like them to be able to choose certain tags as a dropdown, is this possible? Heres the page so you can see […]