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How to display taxonomy term custom meta (using wp_get_object_terms?)?

I am attempting to feed term meta values from my custom taxonomy, “firm”/”firms”, on to a User profile page at author.php. Users are attached to this taxonomy thanks to the LH User Taxonomy plugin. I need to display term meta fields for the firm to which s/he belongs. So far, I have managed to find […]

Remove tags without a specific meta key from “choose from the most used tags”

I’m trying to only show the tags that are associated to the currently logged in author; I’ve got this 99% working, but the author can still choose tags associated to other users via the “Choose from the most used tags” link. How can I edit this to exclude any tags whose meta tag “author” does […]

Creating conditional to display taxonomy term meta

I’m trying to display an extra meta field for taxonomy terms. wever I’m trying to create a conditional, in that, if the meta field is empty, show a default value. here’s the code for creating the taxonomy meta field: // Add phone number to location taxonomies function nwtd_lpfs_taxonomy_add_new_meta_field() { ?> <div class=”form-field”> <label for=”term_meta[phone]”><?php _e( […]

How to show taxonomy meta on frontpage?

For a website I am developing I have come across the following challenge. I have made a custom taxonomy “blog” (associated with both the Post-post_type and the User-object_type). With the taxonomy meta plugin I have added a meta field image. On the taxonomy archive page I output the taxonomy term name, description and this image. […]

Insert form checkbox at bottom of taxonomy edit term page

I have created a custom taxonomy ‘provider’. I have also added a checkbox to the add and edit term pages. The problem is that the checkbox I have created is showing at the very top of the page – right under the ‘Edit tag’ header. I want it to show at the bottom – above […]

Custom Taxonomy Meta Admin Column

I’ve added a custom taxonomy – shop_departments which is hierarchal. I’ve then added a meta field to this new taxonomy – term_meta[front_page] – which is all working fine. However, on the management screen for the taxonomy I want a column for this meta data so the user can see at a glance which departments are […]