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Page Template with Sidebar Naming Convention?

Is there a common naming convention for page templates? Most themes have a two sidebars: Primary, Secondary And then if I’m not mistaken, these combinations: Page templates: 1 Sidebar, Primary Right 1 Sidebar, Primary Left 2 Sidebar, Primary, Secondary Right 2 Sidebar, Primary, Secondary Left 2 Sidebar, Primary, Content, Secondary Is there a fairly user […]

Adding text to the footer of each post based on tags or categories

Several of my posts in the same category have the same footer. I figured it would be much more maintainable if I could move this into a separate location and manage it from a central place. How can this be achieved? Is there a plugin that I could reference?

How to add posts list to a page template?

I need to create a page which will have static content in the right column and list blog posts in the left column. The static content needs to be editable from Dashboard > Pages > Page. How do I do this?

Can i exclude certain page templates for a specific role?

Let’s say i have two types of templates available when making a Page. “Default template” and “Intermediate template”. I have a role called “editor”, and i do not want the editor to access the “Intermediate template”. Is this possible (with a hook) ?

Posts in Multiple Columns and Rows with one single loop

I’m pretty new to creating my own theme and I seem to have become stuck and would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I have searched and found snippets of advice but nothing that really caters for what I need. Problem 1 The main blog (home) page is causing me problems as I […]

Is there any way of viewing revision history on files in WordPress?

I have done some tiny changes to my style.css file and my header.php file. For want of a better word I have destroyed my website, and i am losing my mind trying to figure out what I did wrong, ie is there a comma or semicolon out of place. Is there any way of getting […]

use a custom page to display search results

I would like to display the wordpress search results on a page which I’ve created in the wordpress backend. I need a page, because I’ve custom content on this page which should be changed by backend users. So I can’t just use the search.php file. I’ve created a page in the backend and assigned a […]

How to get link to homepage

I’ve tried get_site_url();, get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’) and home_url(); but they’re all giving me a link to the current page rather than the home page.

Create a Page template selector page

I’m running around with an idea in my head that I would like to make but I don’t really know how or where to start. In a custom theme I had to make serveral templates for one of my clients. I noticed that I had around 20 possible templates for my client (because he wanted […]

How should I add a “widget” like element?

I would like to add a custom slideshow like “template” which can be called in to other template files. My first thought was to create exactly that; a separate slideshow.php template file which contained the relevant markup and <script>s. Ideally it would bring in it’s own stylesheet too, however I’m not sure how that would […]