Articles of testing

A/B test options at the widget level

I am looking for a method to show 1 of 3 different widgets on my site’s homepage. I could do this with javascript, but this would increase page weight and I would rather do it at time of render (native wp or php solution). The solution does not have to be a true A/B test […]

How to automate post update website check?

I maintain clients’ WordPress websites (~25 installations) as a part of my job. To do this quickly and efficiently I use Jetpack’s “Manage” feature. In case something went wrong I have fully automated backups (Updraft plugin). It works very well, but every time I do an update (which is a lot with WordPress, themes and […]

Set up PHPUnit with WordPress: The WordPress tests are 3 – 4 years old; does it matter?

I’m trying to set up PHPUnit with WordPress, and the tutorial I found tells me to download this repository so that I can bootstrap the WordPress environment to run my tests. The only issue I have is that the repo was last changed 3 – 4 years ago, which is a long time. I have […]

Create a blank test.php

Sometimes it’s necessary to figure out CSS errors or whatever and then it’s great if you have a minimal test page where you just insert the specific code you want to test. How can I create such an empty test.php? All I could find was this. However, doing so will only create a page that […]

Test site pages go to main site

I have a test site installed on The problem I have is that if I type in the url I get redirected to My page for my test site gives me the permalink: If I click View Page from the page editing screen in the dashboard, I get redirected to […]

Publishing WordPress from stage to production server

I’m having trouble configuring wp-config.php correctly in a staged server environment. I’m being told that I should be working in my stage environment for WordPress with an example address of It will then mirror to the production server at as they use the same database. Any uploads, plugins and themes should also be […]

Change post date for testing purposes

Is there a way I can change a post date to preferably a different month and a year for testing purposes?

How to run a test WordPressMu to WordPress3 update?

Currently I am running a wordpress MU site with ~100 blogs. It’s WordPress MU version 2.8.x Because it was so heavily used, I was asked not to update to WordPress 3 right away. The users are worried that their plugins and themes may not work once I’ve upgraded. Indeed, we activated some plugins that I […]

Identifying where plugins are being used in your wordpress install

I’ve inherited an existing wordpress installation and there are several plugins (active and inactive) that I’m unfamiliar with and unsure if they’re even still being used in any fashion. Once I see that they’re not being used at all, I plan to delete them. Do you have any tips or ways to automatically test if […]

Duplicated site isn't recognized as a site

I’ve duplicated a site using the following code. All code worked fine until the last row (the site itself goes up on the web but the last row of code fails and I get an error): echo “Please enter the domain of the site for duplication” read domain echo “Please enter the password of the […]