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Escaping Quotes

For some reason when i try to put like a embeded video my video has slashes inside the code, but if I add it in the template itself then the code is fine i was told its “escaping quotes” anyhow this is what i have. Functions file <?php add_action ( ‘edit_category_form_fields’, ‘extra_category_fields’); function extra_category_fields( $tag […]

content gets scrambled

Every time someone edits our blog the content is displaying all wrong. It looks perfect in the wysiwyg editor but when you publish the page the content is completely wrong (pictures displayed next to each other etc. How to prevent this? example link

How to copy/paste web content with photos into my blog

I use my wordpress blog for research… When I write about something, the firs thing I do is research of what’s already out there on given topic. What I want to do is to be able to copy paste parts of the web pages for reference… If the page is only text… that’s grand. But […]

How to retrieve text only from wp_content() not from wp_excerpt()?

I’m currently developing a website with WordPress 3.5 and I need to retrieve Post Text (Only text, not include images) at Archive Page. I can retrieve it with wp_excerpt() method without any problems. But the main problem for me is that I can’t get the exact text layout. wp_excerpt() method returns text which ignores all […]

Hide content-box on specific pages (in admin)?

Is this possible to do somehow? In some pages i use a custom box plugin and i don’t need to show the content box on some of those pages. Is it possible to hide it by page template? Or ID if template is not possible?

How to make shortcode output display where I choose

There are tons of post about this, but in my case, i see no echo(so i can change for return) in the shortcode.php file of the plug in, i did not developed this plug in, i need to fix the problem that output shows always first instead where i put it. Sorry for the duplactes, […]

Remove text tab

I would like to ask whether there is a function to remove/turn off the Text tab for users ? Enough good codes here to make a clean CMS, only this one I can not find.

Adding a custom line of text to php code

The below code is used to pull in my Tweets and post them as individual blog posts on my WordPress site. I would like to add a “Follow me on Twitter link” after the tweet when it is displayed in the main body of the post. How would I do this? So for example, it […]

Global, network-wide shortcodes or text replace functions

What I’m trying to achieve is a simple text–replace functions, that would be available to any site in my WordPress Network. Basically I want to: Change [–] into &mdash; (—), Be able to link to my own posts using only their titles — [internallink post=title] or anything similar. I found simple example of solving this […]

Add Descriptive text to Widget text box so users can see what they contain

If you have like 20 text box widgets and you are using widget logic or something to selectively display them on various pages, it gets confusing what content is in each box IF you are not using the title box. they will all then just say “text.” Would be nice if the text widgets had […]