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get_post_terms not working as expected

I have a custom post type called “Fruit” and under this I have a hierarchical taxonomy called, “Fruit Categories” When I create a new post under Fruit, I am able to assign it to a “term” – like you would with a normal post category, but under the Fruit Categories taxonomy. I’ve added three posts […]

Can I generate then display a mixed list of linked and unlinked terms

Does anyone know a straightforward way to display a mixed list of linked and unlinked (custom) terms, dependent on whether there is more than one instance of a term being used? i.e. I have an item that may have three or four terms within a taxonomy. Of these terms, two or three may have also […]

Use the_taxonomies() to create a simple list

I’m trying to create <div class=”cat-hidden categories”></div> where categories is a list of the categories the current post is posted in. When just using the_taxonomies(), it outputs something like this: <div class=”cat-hidden Job Type: &lt;a href=’’&gt;Early-Career&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=’’&gt;Internship&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=’’&gt;Other&lt;/a&gt;, and &lt;a href=’’&gt;Web Development/IT&lt;/a&gt;.”></div>` Whereas I want it to output something similar to this: <div […]

Custom Author Fields + Existing Taxonomy – Integrating the Two Dynamically?

I am trying to integrate both the values from an existing custom taxonomy and custom author profile fields. I would like the values to be used as the options from which an author can select when updating/filling out her profile. The below works – kind of. (Found in functions.php file) It saves to the database […]

How to display term description in empty terms archive?

I list all terms from a taxonomy, even the empty ones, but I found out that at least in 2010/2011 themes I got a 404-like message, the default seems to only display the term description when at least one post is using it # Filters seems the best thing but I can’t find the right […]

Replace Taxomony Description Field with Visual/WYSIWYG Editor

Is there a way to add a TinyMCE editor to the taxonomy description field on the term editing pages? The solution here (Can you add the visual editor to the description field for custom taxonomies?) no longer works, I think because the wp_tiny_mce function has been deprecated.