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Debugging slow WordPress Theme Customizer (Any option similar to Query Monitor)?

Just wondering what people use for debugging in the customizer? I use BugFu, Debug Bar and Query Monitor along with Simply Hooks for theme development, but only Bugfu works in customizer and that is not the kind of debugging I need to do. I tried using this plugin: Customizer Dev Tools however, it does not […]

Is a multipurpose theme an alternative to modifying or creating a theme from scratch?

Some experience using WordPress, but not much experience developing with WordPress. In two months, I will be tasked with programming a WordPress website for a church. They are currently developing their “look and feel”, and when done I am supposed to “program it in”. I am not sure how much they understand about how WordPress […]

Let user publish posts on community page

I want to create a theme that lets the user publish posts (or all posts in an entire category at once) on a certain WordPress page. The user should be able to write and edit those posts and if one feels ready, there is a button that allows to publish the post not only on […]

Custom theme / you are not allowed to edit this post

I use the blankSlate theme with my wordpress website (basically a blank theme and the latest version of WP). When I use it, I have a “You are not allowed to edit this post” message when I try to create a new standard post. IF I keep all my plugins active but just revert to […]

How to filter (or update) registration marks site wide?

I have registration marks throughout my website that I would like to make super scripted. Some registration marks are already super scripted by users and some are not. I would like to force all registration marks used on the site to become super scripted.

What syntax is this? “{{post.price}}”

I am working on a WordPress theme that someone else worked on and I am trying to add a custom field to display certain text on the homepage. Right now it does not display anything if I add the custom field, even though the same field works on single pages. To display certain custom fields, […]

how to create a hyperlink that opens most recent page post wordpress

I’m have a little bit of trouble creating a hyperlink tag that opens the most recent modified page post. Here is the HTML code I have tried below. enter code here <a href=”<?php esc_url(get_permalink (get_page_by_path(‘page’=== get_post_type()))) ;?>”><img src=”<?php echo $thumbnail[0];?>”></a> Trying to get the thumbnail to be an active link that opens the most recently […]

List current page and all ancestor pages

I have a function that I found online a few years ago and it’s been helpful to this point, but I need to expand its capabilities. I’ve modified it to list the parent followed by all the direct children, but I need it to list all ancestors. Help? function my_page_tree() { $ID = get_the_ID(); $children […]

How can I add new section for Homepage to Trendpress child theme?

I installed WordPress, theme Trendpress and created child theme. I want add one extra section for Homepage. I found file in parent theme, where the feature realized: trendpress/template-parts/trendpress-home.php And there I see the function: $trendpress_enable_sections = trendpress_enable_disable_section(); if($trendpress_enable_sections){ foreach($trendpress_enable_sections as $trendpress_enable_section){ ?> <section id=”<?php echo esc_attr($trendpress_enable_section[‘id’]); ?>” class=”<?php echo esc_attr($trendpress_enable_section[‘section’]).’_section’; ?>”> <?php get_template_part(‘template-parts/section’,$trendpress_enable_section[‘section’]); ?> </section> […]

Product catalogue in WordPress

I need to create a product catalogue that contains around 15 categories and each of them have about 10-20 products. There’s no problem in doing that with some plugins, but they have limited customization. How can I achieve this and also be able to have my own custom CSS applied to it? P.S. I am […]