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Cherry framework – Overriding function in template-general.php

In wordpress Cherry framework, I am trying to edit template-general.php file functions, but it’s different not able to do so. I tried to follow this link, but does not help. Link for Cherry framework to download file structure is: cherryframework4\lib\functions\template-general.php I am trying to override below function: function cherry_get_site_logo( $location = ‘header’ ) { $logo_class […]

How to make my themes compatible with different WordPress versions?

I can make my themes compatible with different browsers by tweaking CSS a little bit. But I am wondering that how can Iake my theme compatible with different WordPress versions as shown in picture. Please start from basic as I am newbie to WordPress theme designing.

How to transfer one domain to another domain without losing theme options (customizer)?

I have developed the one wordpress site with custom theme, Here I used the custom customizer options. Then site completed on my local machine I mean localhost ( Now the problem is I tried to transfer my site to live domain ( How I tried to transfer files? 1) exported the database from localhost/phpmyadmin and […]

Custom theme: How to call archive-post.php for viewing blog posts

Learning from this tutorial, I added a blog page, using the admin panel, to an already running website that has a custom theme made from scratch (by someone else). But the new blog page, didn’t show anything other than the website footer in the beginning, so I added a piece of code in the index.php, […]

wordpress 404 not found after rewrtie the author link

I want to change the default WordPress author link (which is /author/user_nicename) to/author/user_id. And I found it’s easy to do that, I achieved this in two ways: 1.I just copy the get_author_posts_url() function from wp-includes/author-template.php and rewrite it in my theme: function ji_get_user_url($author_id, $author_nicename = ”) { global $wp_rewrite; $auth_ID = (int) $author_id; $link = […]

Theme's Options Page included with require_once *.php in functions.php not visible anymore

I want to seperate my Option-Page functions and functions.php. Therefore i moved Option-Page functions to another file “includes/options.php”. Including the file with require_once(“includes/options.php”) does not work anymore (I am absolutely sure that it worked in past), but require_once(“includes/”) is working. When should i use *.inc files and when *.php files? Especially when theme or plugin […]

Do I need to re-import Susy to work with it in a child theme?

I’m sure this is a question with a simple answer. I am working on a Storefront child theme. Storefront’s stylesheet has been compiled using the Susy grid system – and I was hoping to inherit mixins etc. based on the parent’s definitions, but all the Sass partials are present in the parent theme’s Assets folder […]

How to develop a multilingual theme?

I have yet to find a concise, start to finish description of how to create a multilingual WordPress theme. I am a fairly competent developer and have made a few custom themes in my time. For a project I am working on, I am just starting the process of converting my wireframes into WordPress. I […]

Add user meta after a user has registered and logged In

I have a very simple question . I am building a wordpress site where a after a user is created and logged in , there will be a link where he can click and add more information about him / her (let’s say add Business info ) . I don’t want to spend time in […]

How to modify mobile nav menu text in theme

I’m using a child theme based on Theme Nectar’s Salient WordPress theme, and I’m encountering a frustrating issue in attempting to modify the text that displays for a sticky nav sub-menu in a collapsed (mobile) state. After digging through the parent theme files, I’m seeing that the php code responsible for the submenu, located in […]