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Custom admin logo not showing after wordpress 4.5 upgrade

I have just upgraded to wordpress 4.5 and now my custom logo for the admin doesn’t work, the theme which I built uses the following in the theme functions.php: /* change admin logo */ function my_login_logo() { ?> <style type=”text/css”> .login h1 a { background-image: url(<?php echo get_field(‘logo’,’options’); ?>); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: […]

What are the allowable Tags values in a theme file header?

I suspect that any searchable term can be used in the “Tags” header in the File Header for a theme. The codex discusses the File Header Requirements here but does not explain how to choose which values to assign to “Tags”.

Bootstrap grid system is not working in my WordPress theme

I’m a long time WordPress user but this is the first time I dared to build my own theme (while following a tutorial though). I’m trying to use Bootstrap as the layout tool for the theme, but for some reason I can’t get it to work. Here is the work-in-progress: I’m expecting the three […]

WordPress Load Only Page Text

I’m working on a page template and I need the_title to be separate from the page text. I’m not sure how to load the_content without it having the title. Can anyone help?

How to call a widget in a loop at a specific iteration value?

On the index page of my website. I want to display a widget in the third position. I am calling the widget through “the_widget( ‘Widget Name’ );” code. Now the problem is, since it doesn’t return anything. It will display the widget in the first position in my loop. Is there any way, I can […]

Fixed button and slideshow in template upload per page

For all products there is a different page. Every product page will have the product template. On this template I’ll have 3 download buttons and a slideshow. Now I want that when making a page for a product that there is a option to upload 3 PDF’s (for the download buttons) and up to 5 […]

How to use Internationalized human_time_diff() function in Chinese?

Looking at I’m using an English version of WordPress. In my theme template, I would like to define custom text of min, hour, day, week, month, year in Chinese using human_time_diff() when looping through posts. According to the instruction in the Codex documentation: <?php printf( _x( ‘%s ago’, ‘%s = human-readable time difference’, ‘your-text-domain’ […]

Shortcode call not working in WP Template

I’m working with a Visual Composer shortcode to call a text resizer into being. When using the Visual Composer or the classic WYSIWYG, if I insert it’s shortcode [enlarge_text small=’A’ medium=’A’ large=’A’ default_value=’medium’] into the editors it works with 0 issue. So in the interest of making my life easier, I went to add this […]

Where to put custom page templates in theme?

I am building a theme (parent theme) and I was advised to put custom page templates in theme root folder. I am copying theme twenty fourteen and found this theme using a separate directory called page-templates for keeping custom page templates but it does not work with my theme? Can i know why twenty fourteen […]

get_page_templates only return templates with “home” in the filename

I have the following custom page template filenames: template-about-1.php template-about-2.php template-home-1.php template-home-2.php I have this function to get_page_templates: function get_page_templates_select() { $teh_cats = get_page_templates(); foreach ( $teh_cats as $template_name => $template_filename ) { $results[] = $template_name; } return $results; } How can I modify the function to ONLY return the templates that have “home” in […]