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Fastest way to update a theme

Currently the process is to open the themes tab, click details, delete the existing theme, click add theme, open the dialogue box, select the file, begin upload then test before activating – but I’m pretty sure this process can be faster. I’m using a Gulp build process to produce the theme folder and zip. The […]

Template tags to display custom post type posts in category template?

I am developing a custom theme with custom post types involved. Custom post types have been defined via plugin ‘Pods’ ( When writing a category.php, I realized, that the standard loop does not retrieve custom post types (CPT) posts which belong to a certain category. Is that right? If not, are there any template tags […]

Full width featured thumbnail

How to make post thumbnail full width above sidebar and content? I am using bootstrap for a theme and have a single template named single-thumbnail-featured.php. On this post I need the thumbnail to be full width and the rest of the content and sidebar to be under it. I have the following code to display […]

changing Specific section background image in wordpress

How do I change specific section background image in wordpress? I have a background image set via CSS: .section3 { background: url(bg.jpg) no repeat; } Say I want to change this image later via the WordPress dashboard. How would I do this? I want to add functionality so that user can change the image in […]

using part of a theme in another theme

So I have a divi theme I have been using to build a site… only thing is I wanted a portfolio section that was quite specific so I ended up using the wanchai wordpress template. I have both templates but want to merge the portfolio functionality from wanchai to divi theme… can anyone help on […]

Unable to change the priority with 'remove_action' and 'add_action' in child theme

I am using an Woo theme. In the parent theme, there is this function: function woothemes_wp_head() { do_action( ‘woothemes_wp_head_before’ ); if ( function_exists( ‘woo_output_alt_stylesheet’ ) ) woo_output_alt_stylesheet(); if ( function_exists( ‘woo_output_custom_favicon’ ) ) woo_output_custom_favicon(); if ( function_exists( ‘woo_head_css’ ) ) woo_head_css(); if ( function_exists( ‘woo_shortcode_stylesheet’ ) ) woo_shortcode_stylesheet(); if ( function_exists( ‘woo_output_custom_css’ ) ) woo_output_custom_css(); […]

StoreFront WordPress theme: How can i create a new Home page with Custom design same as template

I am getting too frustrated while creating new home page using template in Storefront theme. With the help of this i tried bt not getting success.. anyone can tell me how can i do this without plug-in.. I want to change home page , and want to show my custom template home page. […]

LESS not working in WordPress

How to run the CSS preprocessor (LESS) in WordPress? I’m trying to apply LESS in my child theme. I create variable.less and place it in the child theme folder css/less/variable.less and I call this .less in my style.css like this @import “variable.less”. LESS is not working, I tried to call the js file for less […]

pre_get_comments or the_content filter

What is the best practice to show social icons always on all the posts and pages. Already I am firing pre_get_comments in my functions.php to show a sidebar between the post content and the comments. Also I added the code after the_content() of page.php… The Question: How can I choose the propper Hook? Fire pre_get_comments […]

Passing variable in hooks and filter

I was trying to pass variables in filtes. This works perfectly for me. class my_class { function my_class() { add_filter(‘wp_list_categories’, array(&$this,’cat_count_span’)); } function cat_count_span($links) { $links = str_replace(‘</a> (‘, ‘</a> <span>’, $links); $links = str_replace(‘)’, ‘</span>’, $links); return $links; } } new my_class(); But now I want to execute the filter based on theme options […]