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How add built-in textarea in theme development?

How can I add built-in textarea instead simple textarea in WordPress v4 like when I hit Post -> Add new in theme development? I need to add it to theme options page

How to get DB options format without saving?

Using Unyson framework. I am getting theme options form data saved to a file. Was able to do that via ajax and JSON.stringify(form values in json format) problem I have is that the form data before it is saved via ajax is processed and for example the option that I see in form headers , […]

Theme options are they necessary

So I have decided to use wordpress for a site. But just as I begun I realized that I might need options. Things as simple as logo, favicon and possibly some parallax settings. Is it necessary to have options or can I set the logo by just getting the uploads/images path and setting it to […]

Internal error 500 accessing Theme > Customize

We have created a basic custom theme for WordPress. When trying to access Appearance > Customize from the backend we receive an internal error 500. I have checked the error logs and cannot find anything relating to this. The website is working fine, the theme is working fine as expected, just accessing the customize section. […]

WordPress Theme Settings Page

I’m having a hard time getting my ‘Hello World’ to display on the theme page I created. It all at least appears to be correct (but obviously isn’t) – what am I missing here? // Add Theme Options to menu function add_theme_menu_item() { add_theme_page(“Theme Panel”, “Theme Panel”, “manage_options”, “theme-panel”, “initialize_theme_options”, null, 99); } add_action(“admin_menu”, “add_theme_menu_item”); […]

using Options Framework – can “theme-textdomain” domain be changed?

I’m using the Options Framework in a new theme. I would like to use the theme name as the domain for the localization functions such as __() and esc_attr(). But the localisation functions in the Options Framework source files have the domain set to ‘theme-textdomain’. I’d rather use the theme name as the domain. Is […]

How to use WP Theme Option: Custom_Backgrounds on specific element?

I want to use the WP Theme option Custom_Backgrounds on a specific div. By default it adds it to the body and I dont see a way of changing this. Does anyone know how?

Retrieve uploaded image attibutes value from option tree theme options

I’m using option tree for my theme options page. But I can’t retrieve uploaded images attribute like alternative text, description,caption etc. How can I do that.

WP Page Options Array

I’m creating a page options which contain some multiple checkboxes with specific values. Here is a snippet of my checkboxes form code: <label>Global Checkboxes</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][0]” value=“check1″ <?php checked( $options[‘check_list_global’][0], ‘check1’); ?> /> <label>Check 1</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][1]” value=“check2″ <?php checked( $options[‘check_list_global’][1], ‘check2′); ?> /> <label>Check 2</label> <input style=”width:0;” type=”checkbox” name=”page_options[check_list_global][2]” value=“check3″ […]

How can I create a rearrangeable list of items like OptionTree offers with the Theme Customization API?

I have a theme that currently uses OptionTree, I’d like to move to the WP Theme Customizer API. In OptionTree I can have a list of items that can be edited and drag and drop rearranged. Is there a way to accomplish this with the WordPress Customizer API?