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Show excerpts of posts on P2 Home page

I am looking to show the latest posts on my site home page, which is using P2 theme. I want them to be shown in excerpts. I have found the following code on a site, it said its in the entry.php file. Change, <?php elseif ( ‘post’ == p2_get_the_category() ) : ?> <?php p2_title(); ?> […]

WordPress P2 live problem

Everything worked perfectly in localhost. When I uploaded everything online, the ajax submission seems to not working. It’s refreshing the page for comments and live updated is not working I have this which appear when i’m on my online server (console): Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function For the function : locale = new […]

Subscribe to this Blog for a Private P2 Themed Site?

What’s the easiest way to get a subscribe to this blog for a private P2-Themed Site? I want to have an obvious link on the page without having to modify the theme so that everyone using the site can easily see the link. Ideally I’d also be able to see who is subscribed and if […]

Quick and Easy way to Add Search to the P2 Theme?

Out of the box the P2 Theme does not have search. Is there a quick and easy way to add it?

Shared User Tables on 2 WordPress Sites; “Main” Site and “Discuss” using P2?

Hoping to benefit from the experience of others. This question is really multiple potential questions so I’m hoping someone can steer me to the best solution to keep me from all the trial and error. Background So I have set up a WordPress v3.0.3 site currently with about 20 users and about 25 pages of […]

Wysiwyg editor for P2 theme

I really would like a nice frontside wysiwyg-editor for the P2 theme. Preferable a light one with only the most basic controls. Tried front-end-editor but not to fond of it´s looks and UX. Plain and simple are key.