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Need a theme that let the posted content stretched maximum width

(Please note I’m NOT asking about but about I just posted a new entry but my current theme has a fixed width which makes my post become buggy and surely myself and the readers won’t like it very much! So, I’m looking for another theme that has the content width maximized. If you […]

Free WordPress theme for an intranet tutorial site

I work for a research oriented company and hence a lot of new facts and ways of going about work are found everyday. We want to consolidate all our understandings and categorize them as tutorials on our company intranet which some writers (who are authorized to do so) can update. I need a comprehensive theme […]

Creating a job board using WordPress (for free)?

I found several plugins/themes for creating a job board with WordPress, but only one solution which is free (see here) Are there any other free solutions for doing that?

Theme recommendation: Hotel/Hostel/Bed & Breakfast

I searched on different Marketplaces so far, but haven’t found anything that wouldn’t take me hours or even days to make a wordpress theme from. Here’s the list of things I need: 1. Slider or some photo gallery. Something fancy, eyecatching. 2. (Ajax?) Contact Form (minor issue – got some small plugin close to finished) […]

Is wordpress big enough for my project

I have a site some having job postings running using jobber base. Now I am going to shift it in WP using jobroller theme that is of 99 USD. I am a developer who always like MVC rather than these CMS. I was thinking of doing it in Yii. But now I came to know […]

A good plugin/plugin set for a sports team site?

Looking for a good plugin or group of plugins to handle fixtures, leagues and results. It needs to handle: Fixtures Results League Tables Cup routes Any tips would be gratefully received.—-

Can i have a single wordpress site to have two themes ( one for pc other for mobiles)

I have a wordpress site say at, now I have two themes one which I want to use this user is acessing the site from “PC” (computer) and a another theme, which is a full fledged mobile theme to be used only when the user is accessing from a mobile device ( such as […]

WordPress Theme for Video Showcase

Does anyone know of a good theme for showcasing multiple Youtube videos? Thanks!

What are WooCommerce starter themes?

I’ve done created a lot of WordPress themes and plugins, but I haven’t done much with the WordPress WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes. If someone asked me what general theme they should work with to learn about themes, I would suggest one of WordPress’ defaults, like TwentyFourteen However, for someone who is creating an online store […]

Looking for a lightweight theme using WP3 new tags and features (not 2010)

I design & build a lot of bespoke WordPress themes for clients, and before I just took the best parts out of the default Kubrick and made my own ‘vanilla’ theme. The new default, TwentyTen is way too complex for my needs, and is a bit kitchen sink. Are there any lightweight WordPress 3 themes […]