Articles of theme recommendation

Can i have a single wordpress site to have two themes ( one for pc other for mobiles)

I have a wordpress site say at, now I have two themes one which I want to use this user is acessing the site from “PC” (computer) and a another theme, which is a full fledged mobile theme to be used only when the user is accessing from a mobile device ( such as […]

WordPress Theme for Video Showcase

Does anyone know of a good theme for showcasing multiple Youtube videos? Thanks!

What are WooCommerce starter themes?

I’ve done created a lot of WordPress themes and plugins, but I haven’t done much with the WordPress WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes. If someone asked me what general theme they should work with to learn about themes, I would suggest one of WordPress’ defaults, like TwentyFourteen However, for someone who is creating an online store […]

Looking for a lightweight theme using WP3 new tags and features (not 2010)

I design & build a lot of bespoke WordPress themes for clients, and before I just took the best parts out of the default Kubrick and made my own ‘vanilla’ theme. The new default, TwentyTen is way too complex for my needs, and is a bit kitchen sink. Are there any lightweight WordPress 3 themes […]

Free/Open-Source Theme Frameworks as an Alternate to Thesis?

What good free and open source alternatives exist to the Thesis theme ??

What theme is good for posting code?

I have my blog hosted at and I guess it’s good enough. But problems arise when the lines of code get longer than 30 characters. The lines just wrap and get icky or something they even don’t wrap! In your experience what’s a great WordPress theme for a developers blog to post code to? […]

Opinions and recommendations on the best barebones base theme

Preamble I’m finding myself building more and more WP sites “from scratch” as it were (ie: ignoring any theme designs out there and just creating a design wireframe purely on the needs of the client. Then I go out and either shop around a theme that has the right basic structure, or I start with […]

WordPress frameworks and parent themes

By now there is a considerable amount of WordPress code around that is meant to be re-used by other developers. Unfortunately there is little to none practical and solid information on it and generally you are stuck going through frameworks one by one until you find the first you like or think they all suck […]