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Twenty Eleven unregister all default sidebars?

I need to unregister all the default sidebars in the Twenty Eleven theme so I can add custom left and right sidebars via the functions.php file in a child theme. This function below is for Twenty Ten; but I don’t know where to find the correct strings for the widget areas for Twenty Eleven, which […]

Clean install – Changing permalinks in twentyeleven give 404

interesting problem that I encountered, not sure if it’s bug or not.. On a clean install using the twentyeleven theme I try changing the Permalink Settings to something different from the Deffault and every post starts giving Page Not Found 404. The Pagination and the top Nav Menu also stop working. What needs to be […]

Conditional Statement – Best Way to Remove Nav on Contact Page

I was thinking of removing navigation on my contact page. I was thinking of inserting a conditional statement and an inline CSS style to “display: none;” if the page template was the contact page. Is there a better way? I’m using Twenty Eleven as a parent theme.

How to determine which custom header image is being shown

I’m using a customized version of the Twenty Eleven theme. I want to set a class on the body based on which random header image is displayed. Is there some function that allows me to get the name of the custom header image that will be displayed? My goal is to style the text / […]

How to remove header image on subpages in Twenty Eleven (default theme)?

I’d like to remove the header image on all the pages except my “home”-page. Any ideas? Thks

Display trackbacks separately from comments in twentyeleven

How do I display trackbacks (the link and the date) outside of the twentyeleven comment loop? The function below is from the twentyeleven functions.php file. I’m using the standard comments.php file from twentyeleven, and the trackbacks are shown under the comments when using <?php comments_template( ”, true ); ?> in a template file. I can […]

theme options echoing multiple times

I tried to strip down the Twenty Eleven theme options page and add my own fields correction: I followed a tutorial somewhere, but when I try to echo the data, it comes out multiple times. Here is my theme-options.php: This is how I am echoing it: <?php $options = get_option(‘gavsiu_theme_options’); echo $options[‘message-primary’]; echo $options[‘message-secondary’]; […]

Make “sidebar template” the default template for new pages

On Twenty Eleven or on its child themes the default template for new pages is a template with no sidebar. I don’t know why this is like this; it seems to me that the designers of WordPress are still not thinking about CMS functionality in some places. For example the most obvious place to put […]

What is the WordPress Pinecone sitting on top of?

Does anybody know where wordpress gets their banner images? Perhaps we could find the original photo? I’m curious just what exactly this pine cone is sitting on top of. image

why does twenty eleven theme mix up the css measurement units?

I’m wondering why does WordPress’s default theme mix up the css measurement units? For example: .one-column.singular #author-info { margin: 2.2em -8.8% 0; padding: 20px 8.8%;} Wouldn’t be easier to understand and to work if all them were pixel based? Thanks