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Cutomize Colors utility: How to add more configurable colors to a theme

Recent WordPress install, default theme. There are three colors which can be customized from the admin gui, but there are at least three other colors visible on the website which can’t be customized from there: Posts/pages background text colors in posts/pages text and background color in the search field I assume it is possible to […]

Theme Twenty Fifteen: Customize Color Scheme Customizer

I would like to add my own color scheme to my Twenty Fifteen child theme such that it can be changed inside the admin panel. From what I understand, this is the relevant section: wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/inc/customizer.php (code below). Maroon is the option I added (second color scheme in the code). The color scheme did not show […]

CSS rules that the theme gets from a function

I am trying to change the color of entry-footer in my Twenty Fifteen theme. My modifications in the child theme is overridden because when the website is rendered in a browser, WordPress outputs inline CSS generated by the Theme Customizer to the <head>, which overrides the stylesheet. Inspecting the customizer.php file, I see three relevant […]

How to move the sidebar in TwentyFifteen to the right?

Is it possible to move the sidebar in the TwentyFifteen theme to the right using a child theme and CSS only, or does it require changes to the theme itself? The main issue I’m running into is that I can get the sidebar on the right side in either the “default” or the “scrolled” scenario, […]