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using wp enqueue style to create a CSS file specifically for a page template

I am trying to create a CSS file that only works for one page template. I am trying to do it using wp enqueue style but to no avail so far. I was able to get it to work (sort of) using the following in my header.php. <?php if( is_page_template(‘background-slider-template.php’) ) { ?> <link rel=”stylesheet” […]

Image not showing on page template in Twenty Fifteen-theme

I’m creating a custom template for a few of my subpages using the Twenty Fifteen theme. For some reason the linked image below won’t show, even though the url seems to be correct. I’ve started with page.php, renamed it and added these three lines of code below the #main opening tag: <?php if ( is_page( […]

Create a full width responsive header image per page

I’m new to WordPress – currently building a site that has a few pages (Home, Artists, History, Videos). Each of those pages need a custom header containing a responsive full width image (the image will be used as a background image in the CSS). I’d like to make this CMS friendly and allow the content […]

Twenty Fifteen : Wider right column for the content

I’m using the theme Twenty Fifteen on my offline site. I want to make a wider column for the content (the right column highlighted in blue here). I don’t want to have a smaller sidebar. I tried to change the value of the “width” property for the class “site-content” but it broke the responsive “functionnality”. […]

How can you change default color scheme in a Twenty Fifteen child theme?

Right now I am editing a Twenty Fifteen Child theme (Five Beers to be exact) and I’m wondering if there is a way I can add my own color scheme to the customizer and make it the default color scheme. This is the code that I’ve been using to add a color scheme to the […]

TwentyFifteen: How can it show a different color on every post page?

I have made a child theme of TwentyFifteen. Am trying to set on styles.css of the child theme a specific color on every page or post. I tried somethin like that .hentry,.site-footer { background-color: #RGBColor !important; } But I didn’t see any difference, its still white. What exactly am I doing wrong?

Twenty Fifteen: Adjacent posts by menu_order

This question already has an answer here: Can the Next/Prev Post links be ordered by menu order or by a meta key? 7 answers

Cutomize Colors utility: How to add more configurable colors to a theme

Recent WordPress install, default theme. There are three colors which can be customized from the admin gui, but there are at least three other colors visible on the website which can’t be customized from there: Posts/pages background text colors in posts/pages text and background color in the search field I assume it is possible to […]

Theme Twenty Fifteen: Customize Color Scheme Customizer

I would like to add my own color scheme to my Twenty Fifteen child theme such that it can be changed inside the admin panel. From what I understand, this is the relevant section: wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/inc/customizer.php (code below). Maroon is the option I added (second color scheme in the code). The color scheme did not show […]

CSS rules that the theme gets from a function

I am trying to change the color of entry-footer in my Twenty Fifteen theme. My modifications in the child theme is overridden because when the website is rendered in a browser, WordPress outputs inline CSS generated by the Theme Customizer to the <head>, which overrides the stylesheet. Inspecting the customizer.php file, I see three relevant […]