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Increase content area width in TwentyFourteen

In this website I need to keep the left nav sidebar on the left side of the browser window and get the white content area to extend to the right side of the browser window. I spent a good two hours trying different CSS settings on div#main and all of its child divs but it […]

Reduce white space in twenty fourteen

I have made a child theme of twentyfourteen. There is too much space between the left sidebar (“secondary”) and the main content for my taste. But with the responsive design, there are many special cases (e.g. @media screen and (min-width: 1080px)). Do I need to go through each of those cases and provide detailed css […]

Twenty Fourteen: how do they populate by default the sidebar?

My question is pretty similar to this one: How can I insert default widgets when my theme is activated (similar to what twenty eleven does)? Except that it’s for Twenty Fourteen. I’m trying to use it as a base for my own theme, and I don’t see where in the code it’s populating the default […]

How to force the twentyfourteen narrow screen layout to apply to wide screens?

In uses the twentyfourteen theme. The narrow screen layout uses the full width of the screen for posts and condenses the page menu to an icon: But the wide screen layout uses only the middle third of the screen for posts. How do I force the narrow screen layout to apply to all screens? […]

Strict Standards: Declaration of description_walker::start_el() and warning

This question already has an answer here: Walker_Nav_Menu exeption 2 answers

Display category description instead of “nothing found” page

I’m using WordPress 3.8.1 with the theme twenty fourteen. Unfortunately , when you click on a category with no post assigned to it for now , it displays a not found page. I’ve tried to create a plugins with a hook that replace that by a text (like the description of the category). If there […]

How to set twenty fourteen header image at 100% width?

if function wpse_custom_header_setup() { add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, apply_filters( ‘wpse_header_args’, array( ‘width’ => 1460, ‘height’ => 220, ) ) ); } add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘wpse_custom_header_setup’ ); can help define the width of the header in px, how I can set up a header image at 100% to get something similar like

WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme Sidebar

The Twenty Fourteen theme was used to create the basis of my own child theme. It’s been pretty easy to override, but the left sidebar is proving difficult. I don’t want to remove the sidebar completely, but nothing I do in the CSS file allows me to get rid of the black bar. Even removing […]

Post-specific widgets in WordPress 'Twenty Fourteen' theme

Using WordPress 3.8.1 with ‘Twenty Fourteen’ theme I’d like to arrange my post in such a way that it’s main contents go to main (center) column while galleries, attached files and links pertaining to this post go to content sidebar to the right. How can I do that? Do I need some specific plugins? Right […]

Create search form in menu as in Twenty Fourteen theme

I would like to replicate the search form in Twenty Fourteen’s menu. I have tried to hide and show the search button with jQuery. My Problem is that the button is not sliding from left to right and right to left it just “appears” and “disappears”. If someone could take a look it would be […]