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Remove Custuomize Sections

I have followed the solution given here by Krupal Patel. add_action( “customize_register”, “ruth_sherman_theme_customize_register” ); function ruth_sherman_theme_customize_register( $wp_customize ) { //============================================================= // Remove header image and widgets option from theme customizer //============================================================= $wp_customize->remove_control( “header_image” ); $wp_customize->remove_panel( “widgets” ); //============================================================= // Remove Colors, Background image, and Static front page // option from theme customizer //============================================================= $wp_customize->remove_section( “colors” […]

Twenty seventeen Menu is not responsive not clickble

I am customising twentyseventeen theme.There is problem in responsive menu menu is not is my code of header.php <?php /** * The header for our theme * * This is the template that displays all of the <head> section and everything up until <div id=”content”> * * @link * * @package WordPress * […]

WordPress default theme css units

Is there a specific rule the default WordPress themes follow for CSS units? I see em’s on some font sizes and rems on others and px on certain places. Referred the following links but I couldn’t find the actual reference to the rule they use for their CSS units: why does twenty eleven theme mix […]

How can I move the logo in Twenty Seventeen Theme Next to the menu bar

I am rebuilding my website using the Twenty Seventeen Theme, an I would like to have the logo appear in the menu bar rather than in the center of the featured image. I found a site that has exactly what I am looking to do. You can see it here can anyone tell me how […]

How do I change the header image height in Twenty Seventeen?

How do I change the height of the header image (specified in the Header Media section) in the Twenty Seventeen Theme? Specifically I want to change it on the home page because here it fills up nearly the entire page. I want it to be much shorter. The way it appears on other pages such […]