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Is there a way to use get_sidebar() when no widgets are activated?

WP version 4.4.2, I have a customized sidebar.php and no widgets activated, which automatically prohibits get_sidebar() function to load contents of sidebar.php. Is there a way to forcefully load sidebar.php file?

Child Header.php Not Showing On Other Pages

I created a child theme of the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme. I’ve read that I can edit the header.php file and it will change on all pages. My problem is, it is only changing for the home page. How do I get header to be the same on all pages? What I added to my […]

Overwriting the menu break points of twentysixteen in child theme

I am currently working on a child theme with TwentySixteen being the parent. Currently in the functions.js file of TwentySixteen, it has a break point of 910 where the normal menu stops and the menu-toggle button displays instead. I need to reduce the width of this down to 810 but am unsure how to do […]

Jetpack infinite scroll not working on twentysixteen custom theme

I duplicated twentysixteen theme and only changed the name of the folder and the name of the theme in style.css. I then added in functions.php : function twenty_sixteen_infinite_scroll_init() { add_theme_support( ‘infinite-scroll’, array( ‘container’ => ‘main’, ‘type’ => ‘click’, ‘posts_per_page’ => ‘2’, ) ); } add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘twenty_sixteen_infinite_scroll_init’ ); The older posts button appears but after […]

How to make the Primary Menu stay the same in the PC and mobile versions of the Twenty Sixteen theme

I’m new to WordPress, using which I was able to create this site over here: It’s almost complete, save for one change I would like to make: to make the Primary Menu stay exactly the same way it is visible now on PCs and mobile devices, so in a single line (it’s just 3 […]

WordPress default theme css units

Is there a specific rule the default WordPress themes follow for CSS units? I see em’s on some font sizes and rems on others and px on certain places. Referred the following links but I couldn’t find the actual reference to the rule they use for their CSS units: why does twenty eleven theme mix […]

How do I find (index) file in order to change style on CSS?

I am using the basic twenty sixteen theme and I am trying to edit some of the features. For instance I want to edit the sidebar on the right. However, when I open the inspector, it says that the border color is on (index):198. Where do I find that?

Adding Bootstrap to WordPress TwentySixteen Theme

How can I add Bootstrap to the WordPress TwentySixteen Theme without using a plugin? I’ve tried linking to the stylesheets and scripts within the header/footer, however the theme seems to override something, and I’m unable to get different Bootstrap elements to work on specific pages. For instance, I’ve tried to get the clickable tabs to […]

In twenty sixteen, show slider in homepage only

By using the twenty sixteen theme, I placed a “slider” short-code in the header.php section. The result, the slider position is where i want it, but it’s showing on all pages. How do i achieve this by making the slider show on the homepage ONLY? The website is : Thank you.