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Making a WordPress theme based on twentyten

I want to convert a HTML/CSS layout i made into a WordPress Theme, But i don’t know any PHP, I have a basic idea of the structure of a WordPress Theme, So i was wondering if i could just slice my HTML template into a header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php and index.php and just copy paste all […]

WordPress TwentyTen Theme Incompatible with Theme Unit Test

I’m trying to test the comments template on a theme that is based on TwentyTen, using the the WP Theme Unit Test XML file, and there is one post that does not display comments properly. The post is called “Comment Test”, and it contains 20 comments, including 2 pingbacks. The only thing that displays are […]

Where is the code that set the background image in TwentyTen theme?

I am developing a theme for my blog using Twenty Ten as starting point. Now, I am trying to understand how it manages the background image that can be set in theme options but I wasn’t able to find the code. Can you help find where is that implementation?

Use Featured Image of Post as Header Image

I have a blog on in which I make use of the Twenty Ten theme. For each Post I can set a Featured image. On that image is then displayed in the header above the menu. I’d like to gain the same for a setup. How can I do this?

Template messed up on viewing posts

Take a look at this post: My images are broke and CSS links are broke. I know the problem is with the permalink, but why would it be broke? I have the same problem with the Twenty Ten theme and the new Twenty Ten Five theme.

Create a category archive page in TwentyTen Child Theme

I would like to create a page that will show all the posts from one particular category. I want to show the post title with the post thumbnail and content and nothing else other meta post date, no author, no excerpt , nothing I have tried to follow various answers/tutorials without success leading […]

Extend the twentyten dropdown menu with jQuery with a delay onmouseout

I would like to extend the pure CSS dropdown menu of the standard twentyten theme in order to accomodate a small delay on hiding the submenu onmouseout. Is there any way we could do this using jQuery? I’ve seen some solutions using hoverIntent: jQuery Hoverintent plugin in TwentyEleven Menu Improving the Thesis built-in dropdown menu […]

do_shortcode() in twentyeleven theme

I observed a difference between twentyten and twentyeleven themes. Let me explain with an example: finds one post containing just a shortcode. If I use twentyten, nothing is displayed but in twentyeleven the shortcode is expanded. Actually this is what I want twentyten to do as well but the problem is I cannot find […]

Creating Multiple Menus when using the TwentyTen Theme?

How to get multiple menus in TwentyTen theme?

How to replace the twentyten image header with my flash banner?

I am currently building a site using a child theme for the first time. Basically, I have a flash banner the client has already had made, and want to replace the twentyten image banner with the flash. I know how to do this by editing the header.php (I think!) but was wondering if there was […]