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How to pass a numeric id to a page template?

I am using a WordPress installation with WordPress Social Login as a “canvas” for an HTML5-based board game. In the file /wp-content/themes/twentythirteen-child/front-page.php I get the numeric ID of the viewing user (returned by wp_get_current_user() method) and then her or his Facebook data (id, first name, last name, gender) from the $wpdb->prefix . ‘wslusersprofiles’ table – […]

Moving comments section to left of content (Twenty Thirteen)

So I want to move my comments section to the left of my content in my Twentythirteen child theme. I’ve located where it’s pulled from in the content.php file: <?php if ( comments_open() && ! is_single() ) : ?> <div class=”comments-link”> <?php comments_popup_link( ‘<span class=”leave-reply”>’ . __( ‘Leave a comment’, ‘twentythirteen’ ) . ‘</span>’, __( […]

Why and how is twentythirteen adding a margin-top to my footer?

I’m using the twentythirteen theme with a child theme. I tried to solve the infamous overflowing sidebar problem this way: – made the content float left with a fixed width – made the sidebar float right with a fixed width – added a clearfix class to the parent div Everything seems about right. BUT, for […]

Overriding methods in a child theme

Guided by the Codex doc on Child Themes I have created a twentythirteen-child theme for my website by copying the unchanged index.php file from the parent theme and by creating this simple style.css file: /* Theme Name: Twenty Thirteen Child Theme URI: Description: Twenty Thirteen Child Theme Author: Alexander Farber Author URI: Template: […]

Use code from bundled themes in my theme and resell it

Since a while I have started comparing frameworks for wordpress in order to understand the way wordpress works. Now that I understand the code more clearly, I have compared it to the twentythirteen and twentyfourteen themes bundled with wordpress. I came to understand that quite alot of the code seems to be the same, apart […]

Use a higher than 230px logo image with 2013 theme

UPDATE: My question is not offtopic, because WordPress crops the logo image and not just CSS. I’m trying to use a 4724 × 2362 png image as a site logo at the top of a WordPress website with the stock Twenty Thirteen theme. By default the image height is cropped (here fullscreen) and you can’t […]