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Jetpack infinite scroll not working on Twenty Twelve

I just updated Jetpack and the theme, and the infinite scroll doesn’t work anymore. I have tracked the console, and the XHR does receive the content of the posts to add but somehow it isn’t displaying them. My blog is: I have no custom modification whatsoever. Update: Thanks to Jared, I have found this […]

Add post dates from child theme and change font size on homepage post

I know this is not difficult. I know it is supposed to be in the style.css in the child theme, but no font size I change seems to make any difference. The titles of the posts on my homepage never. get. any. smaller. Can anyone tell why? I don’t need the lettering to be seen […]

Create a new template for twentytwelve

Twenty Twelve comes with some page templates: Front Page & Full Width. These are in the folder /page-templates. I’ve created my own template and saved it into this folder, but it is not present to be selected when editing a page. There is no mention of the two page templates in functions.php What do I […]

Insert HTML just after <body> tag

I am using the WordPress theme Twenty Twelve (a child of it to be precise). I want to know how to insert some HTML just after body opening, in just functions.php and not using header.php. Is that possible?

Plugin development without Theme adjustments?

I’m an ambitious wordpress beginner and learner – this is my first question at Stackexchange – in case I’m wrong here, I’m grateful for anyone pointing in a better direction. On my page I started off with a childtheme of Twenty Twelve, because I thought this theme is particularly well prepared for anything that […]

Remove Archives in category title

How I can remove word “Archives” in head title in category page? I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme and WordPress 4. <head> <title>”name of category” Archives | “name of sites”</title> </head>

What is meant by __('page','twentytwelve')

I’m using twentytwelve theme with 1.0 version. I saw many codes like following, ‘name’ = __(‘page’,’twentytwelve’); If I give, ‘name’ = ‘page’; It’s also working fine. Then why using __()? What is use of that?

Remove Open Sans from Twenty Twelve theme

I´m creating a child theme for Twenty Twelve v1.0 and I want to remove the Open Sans font. Open Sans is added in Twenty Twelve´s functions.php: wp_enqueue_style( ‘twentytwelve-fonts’, add_query_arg( $query_args, “$protocol://” ), array(), null ); I´ve tried to deregister/dequeue the stylesheet in my childtheme´s functions.php (see examples below) but to no effect: function example_scripts_styles() { […]