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Get markup for post without loading into the template

I am writing a shortcode plugin that displays posts according to some parameters passed into the shortcode. I have the wp_query to get the posts and now I am trying to get the markup for the posts according to the theme’s template files. In essence, get_template_part is exactly what I want… except that it directly […]

What data does WordPress theme update pull If there is an update?

I’d like to know what WordPress pulls to notify updates from the code. I’m currently facing an issue where my theme happens to have the same name as another theme which is already in the repository and it’s notifying me that I’m currently using an older version of the theme. What’s even worse, my theme […]

Alternative to Back End Dashboard?

For the past few years the WP third party development community has trended to creating custom Front End forms for Users. This has been the “solution” to keeping unsophisticated users out of the “complicated WP Admin dashboard”. The other “solution” is to dumb down the WP Admin dashboard so that developers only allow their users […]

Knowing blog name using blog id

I would like to get the blog name using the given blog_id, how would I do this? I tried to search for the codex but cannot find the right information

Change the background of each post according to the category

I am using the Hueman Theme. What I want to do is that the background of all the posts should change according to the category of the post. Please suggest something

Don't load the theme for a page FROM a plugin EDITED

I’m developing a pseudo admin area for my client and they don’t want the theme overlaid on it, rather have their admin area take up 100% of the page. Normally I would add if (!is_page($id)) and be done with it however this admin area is part of a plugin that will be used on multiple […]

Where did my Theme Editor go?

I have 2 blogs, both are versions 3.x One of them, “Blog 1” is a multi-user blog. I can’t edit the themes under Appearance->Editor , because it doesn’t appear. “Blog 2” is a single instance blog, and I can see the Appearance->Editor What’s the difference ? How do I get the editor to appear ? […]

Change avatar on themed profile page

I’m using the Theme My Login plugin and trying to allow subscribers to change their profiles to one uploaded from their computer. I’ve tried the following plugins: Simple Local Avatars User Avatar WP User Avatar Avatar manager I can get the file upload form to appear, but when clicking upload or update profile, the avatar […]

header.php-tweak: How to do that getting Meta-Slider into the header-center?

update – the header.php in question: question is: where to add the new line <?php echo do_shortcode(“[metaslider id=36]”); ?> at the moment i do not know where to add…. <?php // Exit if accessed directly if( !defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) { exit; } /** * Header Template * * * @file header.php * @package Responsive […]

How to remove current theme customizations

How can I delete my current theme and all its customizations so that I can use a new theme from scratch? In other words, how can I use a new theme without it loading the old theme’s customizations?