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Specific theme for non logged in users

I want to make an specific theme for non logged in users, but I don´t know how to make the function or plugin to shift the theme for them, and left another specific theme for logged in users. Anyone knows how to do this? The only clues I had are the functions switch_theme and is_user_logged_in, […]

Style.css redirects to 404 Page not found

I’ve just uploaded a wordpress site from MAMP to a live site. Exactly the same methods I usually use to upload them, including permalinks and all the usual PHPMyAdmin bits. This time the style.css, js and all the images are just redirecting to a 404 page. The website is here Can anyone help? This makes […]

Why doesn't wp_enqueue_script() work when including a JavaScript file with TEMPLATEPATH?

I am trying to use tips from here to add my JS file. I put the following in the functions.php of atahualpa theme I’ve got installed function lektor_init() { if (true) { wp_enqueue_script(‘lektor’,TEMPLATEPATH.’/js/synteza.js’); } } add_action(‘init’,’lektor_init’); TEMPLATEPATH has been already used before in there, so I just adapted it. But it doesn’t show up. What […]

Find proper “text domain” within theme

I have a client with a wordpress theme, Nevada, and we are having trouble making the built in translations work for it. The theme contains .mo files for English, German, and Slovenian, and appear to be found by our WPML plugin. However, they are not translating any of the template text inside the theme. Translations […]

Unwanted blank lines before <html> tag

I’ve a strange problem with an Autofocus theme. In my templates file, header.php, I’ve a code like this (and is correct) <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> <html xmlns=””> When I look at the source code of the generated HTML, I found something like this [blank] [blank] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 […]

Child theme does not appear in theme selection

I’m trying to add a child theme to my wordpress installation. The theme the child should be based upon a theme called “nostalgia-landing” which is installed and works properly. I created a new folder called “nostalgia-custom” and added the the style.css with the following content: /* Theme Name: Nostalgia Custom Description: Nostalgia Custom is a […]

How to completely disable a taxonomy archive on the frontend?

I have registered three custom taxonomies. All three of these custom taxonomies are attached to my custom post type. There is only one taxonomy out of the three registered, that I would like not accessible what so ever on the frontend of the website. What is the best solution for this? I have been playing […]

how to get path to images in the uploads folder to be used in a plugin

I have some folder with images in /wp-content/uploads. I also have a plugin file in /wp-content/plugins. I want to retrieve the images stored in /wp-content/uploads and use them in the plugin file. I have tried echo'<img src=”../../USER_PHOTOS/ronny'” href=”#”></img>’; can someone show me how I can get the path to these images? thanks.

How to know the theme name of a wordpress blog?

I visit and want to know the theme name (so that I can use 🙂 for my blog). How can I get it?

How to correctly add JQuery in a WP theme?

I am pretty new in WordPress and I have the following doubt: I have to include JQuery into a theme and I am doing in this way: I create the following function into functions.php theme file and I add it as action: function load_java_scripts() { // Load FlexSlider JavaScript that handle the SlideShow: wp_enqueue_script(‘jQuery-js’, ‘’, […]