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Developing WordPress Theme using CSS framework like Bootstrap

I am going to develop WordPress theme using Underscores and Bootstrap. So should I copy all bootstrap codes in to style.css or should I include it using @import url(“”); in style.css?

Need a theme that let the posted content stretched maximum width

(Please note I’m NOT asking about but about I just posted a new entry but my current theme has a fixed width which makes my post become buggy and surely myself and the readers won’t like it very much! So, I’m looking for another theme that has the content width maximized. If you […]

Free WordPress theme for an intranet tutorial site

I work for a research oriented company and hence a lot of new facts and ways of going about work are found everyday. We want to consolidate all our understandings and categorize them as tutorials on our company intranet which some writers (who are authorized to do so) can update. I need a comprehensive theme […]

Theme Advanced Styles in Visual Editor and Paragraphs

After i add these codes to functions.php: add_editor_style(); function childtheme_mce_btns2($orig) { return array(‘formatselect’,’styleselect’, ‘underline’, ‘justifyfull’, ‘forecolor’, ‘|’, ‘pastetext’, ‘pasteword’, ‘removeformat’, ‘|’, ‘media’, ‘charmap’, ‘|’, ‘outdent’, ‘indent’, ‘|’, ‘undo’, ‘redo’, ‘wp_help’ ); } add_filter( ‘mce_buttons_2’, ‘childtheme_mce_btns2’, 999 ); function childtheme_tiny_mce_before_init( $init_array ) { $init_array[‘theme_advanced_styles’] = “box note=box_note;box info=box_info;box warning=box_warning;box download=box_download”; return $init_array; } add_filter( ‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘childtheme_tiny_mce_before_init’ […]

Basic Theme for a Static Corporate Website?

(Moderator’s note: Was originally titled “WordPress for a static corporate website?”) I am looking for a WordPress solution that will give me: a static website, with menu and a few pages, does not look like a blog, looks like a corporate website a very basic look and feel: white background, almost only text, easy to […]

Custom Articles page only showing a limited number of posts per page

I have been developing my own theme for my website over at called FluX, and if you click on the ‘Articles’ link in the navbar, it only shows 5 articles, out of around 20 I think. I have no limit on post count on the custom template I made, and here’s the template code. […]

Modifying the markup in the Tag Cloud widget?

I need to modify the markup of the tag cloud widget. Can someone tell me how to go about doing this without modifying any of the files outside of the theme directory so my changes don’t get overwritten when updating WordPress?

Thesis -style Navigation

I am working on a theme where I would like users to be able to select pages to show in the theme options page much like Thesis. I’ve been Googling / reverse engineering Thesis for a couple hours but haven’t found a great solution. I am wondering if anyone has done this or has seen […]

How do I manually revert back to my old theme?

After changing themes I get Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_editor_style() in /mydir/wp-content/themes/evolve/functions.php on line 8 I cannot even login to the administration panel

How do you remove a broken theme from WordPress Admin (without FTP or Cpanel)

Is it possible to remove a broken theme from WordPress using only the WordPress dashboard? i.e, without using cpanel or FTP? Background: When you are doing customer support, its rare that you have access to the user’s FTP or cpanel, but its pretty simple for them to set you up as a temporary user to […]