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Setting a static home page and blog page without using the settings

This may seem like a stupid question, and it probably isn’t possible, but is it possible for me to set a static home page (using front-page.php) and a blog page (using home.php, I think) in my theme, and have the blog page appear on a separate slug WITHOUT changing the page settings in my WordPress […]

How Can I Create a List of Values to Be Iterated Through via WordPress Customization API?

I currently have a theme with OptionTree installed. It is used to create a list of locations which are then visible in a dropdown in the header of the page. The display code with OptionTree looks like this: <form action=”” id=”formsel” method=”post”> <div class=”locations”> <?php $location = ot_get_option(‘location’);?> <label for=”country_id” class=”no-display”>Select Country</label> <select name=”country_id” id=”country_id” […]

Exclude file from theme editor

Is possible to exclude some files from being viewed and modified in the theme editor?

How can I show more than 15 themes at a time in the admin menu?

I have a lot of themes in my test wordpress site. I get a little frustrated that I can’t show more than 15 at a time. Picture.png In pages and posts you can click “screen options” to choose the number, but it looks like “Themes” has no such option. Picture-1.jpg Is there another […]

How to go about pre generating css file with variables from theme options

I know there have been lots of discussions on here about rendering a css file with php variables. The “no no” way of bootstrapping the wp-load.php for example. I’ve been working on a theme framework for a few months now and one of the things it does is generate a css file using the parse […]

What is the WordPress Pinecone sitting on top of?

Does anybody know where wordpress gets their banner images? Perhaps we could find the original photo? I’m curious just what exactly this pine cone is sitting on top of. image

Get list of months with posts

I am trying to add a filter on my custom theme based on post month, similar with the archives but with some differences. What is the best way to get a list of months in witch we have posts? Thanks, Alex I used the following query: $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT DISTINCT YEAR(post_date) AS `year`, MONTH(post_date) AS `month`, count(ID) […]

Set WordPress Featured Image For All Post Slugs Matching Image File Name in Specified Directory

I have a bunch of old posts on a blog that I would like to assign a featured image to. I have retrieved all the images I would like to use for each post. I saved each image file name after the slug of each post. I would like to retrieve all posts, grab the […]

Where can I find a good reviewed collection of Twenty Ten child themes?

I am looking to extend the functionality and more importantly improve the design with post thumbnails on main page, beautify post metadata, etc. If you know a good child theme for twenty ten, please share. Thanks.

WordPress theme with multiple color schemes

I am building a WP theme and want to implement multiple color schemes. I looked through different free and premium themes and found out that this feature is developed different ways there and here. What is the best practice to make multiple color schemes support in a theme?