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Creating new templates in child themes breaks layout

I am learning how to create new templates in WP. I am using a child theme of Twenty Eleven. My problem is that whenever I create a new template the layout breaks. For debugging I stopped using any customizations and simply copy-pasted-renamed the file sidebar-page.php from Twenty Eleven into my child theme’s directory. The only […]

Starting point for custom Themes

What are good themes to start from when creating a custom WordPress theme? So far I have found: HTML5 Reset Theme Constellation Theme

Getting a 'slide down' js panel implemented within WP

I’m trying to implement a very simple vertical slide down panel in WordPress, I’ve tried jbar ( and an easy JS method I found in But I still cannot get this implemented, I’ve tried inserting the below code in the footer.php right before it’s close, and within the header.php and still nothing appears. <script […]

How can I hard code my sidebar?

I am building a child theme based on Thematic. Rather than use widgets, I would like to hard code my sidebar but I can’t figure out how to do this. Any help appreciated! Thanks

How can my user make their own Blog/Diary

It would be great if my Visitors could sign up and not only write comments, but also start their own diary. Like or mysite/user Is something like that possible?

for my current theme( own custom ) the default menu options are disabled in wp-admin?

for my current theme( own custom ) the default menu options are disabled in wp-admin, please help me to enable it. The following image shows the problem. Thanks in advance.

What exactly is “wordpress theming”?

When a book says that it is all about wordpress theming, what does it mean?

simplified explanation on child themes?

I’m trying to create child theme for theme i’m using on my site… I read lot’s of articles about this, but can’t find simple tutorial or simple explanation how to do it… As i understand so far, if i copy (for example) loop.php file to child theme, and change if(is_home()) { do something } from […]

WordPress EduPress and businessbite Theme Installation Failed

I have downloaded and installed wordpress, themes. Unfortunately, i found an error. ERROR: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed. Can any one help me?

Using JQuery to check for Rel Attribute of Image before Overriding It

My WordPress theme (when enabled) overrides the rel value of the link of all images with rel=”lightbox” using the following code: How can I edit the JQuery to check for the rel value first? If the rel value is already set to “lightbox[xyz123]” or “lightbox[xyz-123|abc]” or “lightbox”, then the rel value will not be […]