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How do you remove Link backs on Theme settings page?

How do we edit and remove link backs to theme Developers from theme settings page ? Some themes which we install on site has link backs .How do you edit them from multisites? Does any body have Idea on removing these links? I want to edit the Links Like “Mystique 2.4.2 by digitalnature” .

Single Theme folder for Multiple WordPress

I ran into a scenario where I want to achieve this. WordPress Site 1 WordPress Site 2 WordPress Site 3 WordPress Site 4 I want theses four sites to have a single theme folder and it get themes and run themes from there not from WpSite1/wp-content/themes WpSite2/wp-content/themes and so on Thanks

WP Video media player not loading correct CSS after AJAX load

I have a post which uses WP shortcode to display my video file. It’s supposed to look like this: But it looks like this: After I click “Load More Posts” AJAX call. The video player will look like the way I want after I click the post. It’s only when the post is loaded with […]

Does WordPress create mobile menus automatically?

I am using WordPress 4.5.2 with a custom theme. I am a bit confused about WP and the theme customizations, what does the first and what the second. For example, fullscreen menus are managed by WP…..what about mobile menus? Are they generated automatically by WP or this is done in the theme?

Override Constants in Child theme

I have a parent theme that declare these constant in function.php: define(“THEME_DIR”, get_template_directory()); define(“THEME_DIR_URI”, get_template_directory_uri()); define(“THEME_NAME”, “BARNELLI”); define(“THEME_STYLES”, THEME_DIR_URI . “/css”); define(“THEME_INCLUDES”, THEME_DIR . “/includes”); define(“THEME_POST_TYPES”, THEME_DIR . “/includes/post-types”); define(“THEME_INCLUDES_URI”, THEME_DIR_URI . “/includes”); define(“THEME_FONTS”, THEME_DIR_URI . “/font-awesome”); i need to modify some files included in includes directory and copy the directory structure (including files). As […]

Want to have the Post editor remembering the last editing position

As you probably know the WordPress theme editor remembers its last editing position, but I want my post editor to do the same (it jumps to the top if you save a post/page)…. Any tips/hacks how to resolve this ? Help with this is very much appreciated !!

How to use scss in wordpress theme?

What is the easiest way to use scss? i Tried the wp-scss plugin but it doesnt seems to work for me: In my theme: root: css -> style.css scss -> style.scss settings for scss and css location are ‘/scss/’ and ‘/css/’. style.scss $pink : #7e40e4; style.css .bg {background:$pink} doesn’t work, what am i missing? Thanks

Which settings/options are saved on a theme-basis and how does this affect theme-switching?

I realized that when switching the theme (in my case to a child theme) some things don’t stay the same: Widgets Menus At least this is what I found out so far: Widgets Don’t lose widgets when switching themes Avoid losing widgets when switching themes Menus Switching to child theme breaks menu names My question […]

WordPress site migration addvice

I have created my WordPress site with purchased theme from themeforest locally in Bitnami. I’ve made a couple of pages using visual composer plugin changed some settings in theme options and created a child theme. Now I’m trying to migrate my site to different computer also running Bitnami WordPress. For this I tried using All-in-One […]

Disable Sidebar in the Product Page in Storefront Theme

I am using storefront theme, where there is options for the Full Width in the pages but not in the Product Page and Product Category Page in the Store Front Theme As i played with css and i go this line in the template <div id=”primary” class=”content-area”> As i removed the content-area class i can […]