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How do you install a .MO (language file) to use as part of a theme?

I have my own theme that I’ve created and I need to support 3 languages. I started by adding the gettext functions to my template _e(“string”,”namespace”) etc, generated the po file with Poedit, and then created the .mo file for Spanish (es_ES) My current setup which is not working > Update wp-config.php define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’); […]

Using a _GET gives me a debug error (over my head)

Just looking for some advice on something that is bugging me. Please bear in mind I am a PHP noob 🙂 I am passing a variable in the url to my WP index page like so: <a href=”<?php bloginfo(‘url’);?>/?do=thing”>Thing</a> I am the catching that variable, and using it to show content like so: <?php $do_that […]

get_header('header2') not working properly in child themes

I am trying to replace header-header2.php of my main theme in my child theme and by adding the file in the child theme, but wordpress is loading the file from the main theme itself. Is the second header not supported in a child theme??? In index.php, I am using get_header(‘header2’) to call the file. Anyone […]

How to add template to theme in WP

I’ve very new to WP and I’m trying to setup a new page which displays only a specific category through the WP admin section. I’ve downloaded the ACE plugin and I’ve managed to filter out posts with a specific category from the main page. Now I want to create a separate page which displays only […]

A hook that runs only when the theme is previewed

Is there a function or a hook that runs only when a theme is previewed? I’m referring to the preview feature that you get on the Appearance->Themes page. The reason for this is that I want to change specific design aspects on the theme but only when the user is previewing it.

Alternate header image

Is there a convenient and configurable way to alternate between different header images? The main features I’m looking for are: Random select from a set of images Specific header image in given date range (a la Google Doodle) Specific header image for specific posts or pages

Do I really need the div class entry?

I was wondering if it’s really neccessary to keep the <div class=”entry”> in the page.php file (or any other template for that matter). I typically use a blank HTML5 wordpress theme and it doesn’t have any declarations within the CSS file for that class. So I just wanted to get other opinions on it. Thanks!

Add social icons in a theme through custom admin menu

Is it possible to make a theme with an option of configuring social icons with links through the custom header control panel? I googled it and found nothing that could help me, any help on that topic will be very appreciated UPDATE What I’m trying to achieve is that in the theme control panel (preferably […]

Making an IE only site (Like a Mobile only site)

For those who are curious, I’m changing the theme but this theme relies on CSS3 and HTML5 and displays very ugly in IE 8 or below. – Especially the navigation. What I want to do is keep my old theme and use it for IE users only, I assume if this can be done for […]

WordPress theme ajax have_posts()

My goal here is to load the blogroll into my theme via ajax. But all that I can get as response is 0 (if I omit the die() line, else I get a blank response). Here is my code: js ajax: $.ajax({ url:””, type:’POST’, data:’action=load_men_blog’, //dataType:’html’, //cache: false, success: function(html){ $(“#b_contentwrapper”).empty(); $(“#b_contentwrapper”).append(html); } }); PHP […]