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Where do I find (free) fully-internationalized themes?

I’m trying to find a theme which is fully internationalized. I’ve perused the list of translation-ready themes in the theme gallery, but each one seems to be missing some little detail here and there. The only really, really fully translated theme seems to be Twenty Ten. Not that I dislike it too much, but there’s […]

Using the same database on another Subdomain

Hi i am currently replacing my blog run on wordpress with another neat theme. I tried the preview template feature and everything is fine, just that i don’t trust everything so easily when it comes to web-applications. So i want to use the same database currently used[meaning not to use same database for both sites, […]

Simple child theme modification but links are broken

I have created a simple child theme to modify the Minimal theme by Elegant Themes. The child theme loads with the changes I have made, but the links to pages in the header are all messed up. Rather than the page links I have selected appearing in the header, links to all categories appear in […]

How to dynamically change theme's slogan from admin?

how can achieve this functionality. That I can change the themes “slogan” from admin and I don’t have to go edit the themes source files. I think that there is some theme options functionality. But how to use it and maybe somebody can point me to the correct path. Added screenshot to clarify what I […]

How to Include File from Plugins into Template?

I need to include a file from plugin Folder in my template file. How can I do that? Is there any other way to do that rather than: include(‘../../..’); Thanks

Which wordpress theme is compatible Optima Express theme (real estate inventory) plugin?

I am using Optima Express theme (real estate inventory) plugin for my wordpress website. And it is working perfect in admin are.But as i started to use it in front end it is started to conflict with Jquery of current active theme. It does work with Twenty-Eleven, Twenty-Twelve but not the “Striking” and “Karma”themes I […]

Calling external Libraries in WordPress

I am doing some maintenance on a blog that I was hired to create a couple of months ago. They wanted to add a slider in, so I started to implement FlexSlider. I ran into a problem though with the slider. I have added the needed dependencies into the header: <script src=””></script> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php […]

3 Level Deep Navigation Menu Not Showing All Levels

I have a 3 level deep navigation menu which will show beside all pages on the site except the homepage. The issue is only 2 of my 3 levels are showing in the menu when displaying it using the wp_nav_menu. I’ve tried specifying the depth parameter and without it to no avail. I am using […]

Making that Admin Bar transparent or a blue color

The question title is pretty self-explanatory – I don’t really like the new Admin’s bar’s colour but I find it useful and want to keep it so I would like to change the colour of it. However, I’m not the best at web scripting, let alone CSS so I wondered if anybody here would help […]

how to activate a plugin inside a theme

Iam trying to activate a plugin which is inside my theme template directory, ie : i have a folder called plugin inside my current theme, which has some plugins how can i activate those plugins from the current plugins options.