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Get list of sites that uses specific plugin or theme

One of most time saving in mutisite is to know where some plugin or theme is used. So i start searching and did not found any solution for this. What i need is help to get list of sites that uses specific plugin or theme. i thought the best will be to add link near […]

How to override this theme function in child theme

I’m working in a child theme and I need to override a function in order to remove some unwanted items on a top menu. So I have research a bit and found a lot of docs, really, like this, this and this among others but still not clear at all to me how to achieve […]

How do I get a parent theme modification from a child theme?

I’ve built a child theme, and I would like to reuse some of the settings created by the parent. I hoped this would be as easy as get_theme_mod( ‘setting’ ) inside the child theme, but that returns nothing. I found a feature request that addresses this very thing which leads me to believe WP doesn’t […]

Theme Modified By Updates

Good day all, Congratulation for the informative site. I have downloaded a free WP theme and modified to my needs successfully. I have then found out that changes in the original them will affect the modified them. Yesterday, the original theme had updates, which I did not manually allowed. However, this morning my theme has […]

404 Error while accessing the font files

Added a custom font as follows Uploaded web-font files and given them the 777 permission Added rules to the css file @font-face { font-family: ‘museo_sans700’; src: url(‘’); src: url(‘’) format(’embedded-opentype’), url(‘’) format(‘woff’), url(‘’) format(‘truetype’), url(‘’) format(‘svg’); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; } However, while using/accessing the font family, it gives a 404 error Attached snap […]

What does “Do not deregister the jquery script in the administration area” mean?

We all know the advantage of using cdn caching etc.. For that sake i deregistered the script and registered jquery with cdn link . But the problem is that it is showing error like this Yes Debugging in wordpress is turned on. It shows error like this . Notice: wp_deregister_script was called incorrectly. Do not […]

Internal error 500 accessing Theme > Customize

We have created a basic custom theme for WordPress. When trying to access Appearance > Customize from the backend we receive an internal error 500. I have checked the error logs and cannot find anything relating to this. The website is working fine, the theme is working fine as expected, just accessing the customize section. […]

Moving wp-content folder

I want to move wp-content folder out of wordpress installation folder. I have set define(‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’, ‘/opt/deployer/wordpress/wp-content’ ); in wp-config.php file. But themes stopped working on site. Please help me.

Static page not working

First, context: I am not developing a theme, I am not mucking around with PHP. All I wanted to do was throw up a quick temporary WordPress site in a few minutes, paste my content in, and call it “good enough” for a month until I could sit down and dedicate real time to building […]

Create fixed static pages

I have inside a theme two important static pages. One is a confirmation page (after signing up for a newsletter) and the other one is a thank-you page. I am using these in various functions and create them upon theme install with predefined content. The problem is some users tend to change the slug, or […]