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Theme not showing after uploading

Hey I am developing a website for my client, and I’m having some issues with the theme upload. The theme I am uploading is I tried to upload via backend of wordpress but file size is too big. So I was trying to upload via ftp and my theme file shows up on my […]

A post with a clear:both in its css destroy the theme design, and the sidebar is moved to the bottom

Everything was working well, but somebody wrote a post with the following inside: <iframe blablabla (a video) </iframe> <div style=”clear: both; height: 3px; width: 592px;”></div> I think that clear: both was causing that the sidebar was being moved to the bottom as the following image displays: I added the following code to the css of […]

Can't Find a Way to Edit the Home Page Content

I’m working on and I can’t find out how to edit the home page. The previous developer on the project has disappeared, and the site owner and I have had zero luck contact him. The theme was built custom, it isn’t out of the box or even a premium theme. All custom code. There […]

How do I include a partial from a directory below a wordpress theme directory?

I have 3 themes set up right now and I need them all to inherit partials from the same source in order to update all three themes at the exact same time when I change any of those partials. I’m seeing that include/require (../../../includes/vital/partial.php); doesn’t work from within single.php or any other other theme template […]

Making menu link open in new tab?

I’m trying to add a top level menu to the left sidebar of the WordPress admin panel. Here’s the code I currently have: add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘linked_url’ ); function linked_url() { add_menu_page( ‘linked_url’, ‘Menu Title’, ‘read’, ‘my_slug’, ”, ‘dashicons-text’, 1 ); } add_action( ‘admin_menu’ , ‘linkedurl_function’ ); function linkedurl_function() { global $menu; $menu[1][2] = “”; } […]

Is there a way to switch to another theme?

Is there a method that exists that will let me switch the theme? Update: It looks like switch_theme is the method and there is also an event of the same name. It says that it accepts an argument of stylesheet and for backwards compatibility it accepts, $themename and $stylesheet. I guess I don’t understand, why […]

Adding an extra sidebar to your theme

I want an extra sidebar added to this wordpress theme of mine. I want it right under my left sidebar and not next to it as it is currently showing: I have tried many things but nothing seems to be working. I have also tried making various changes to the css. I had thought […]

Uploading new version of theme fails, folder already exists

I developed a theme for my site. When I make changes, I simply change the version number from 1.0 to 1.2, etc. I zip the files inside a folder called tamaltheme and upload using the theme uploader. This message pops up: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… Destination folder already exists. …public/wp-content/themes/tamaltheme/ When I don’t […]

Increase content area width in TwentyFourteen

In this website I need to keep the left nav sidebar on the left side of the browser window and get the white content area to extend to the right side of the browser window. I spent a good two hours trying different CSS settings on div#main and all of its child divs but it […]

Re-naming a theme/child theme whilst maintaining updates

I currently use a child theme of the Divi theme. Within this child theme are the modified header.php and footer.php files only, should I store an exact copy of the Divi theme in this child theme. Or just the changed files? I also wish to remove any reference to the Divi theme. I have re-named […]