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Advantages of using <link> instead of wp_enqueue_style()?

I’m working on a child theme for a base theme that mixes equal parts of <link> CSS and wp_enqueue_style() CSS. This base theme has me thinking – I don’t see any advantages to using <link>, other than that it may it’s a simpler solution for very simple themes. (for example, using <link> can be done […]

wordpress theme backend admin only

Does anyone know of a theme that completely removes all uses and aspects of the frontend. So the sole use of the site will be in the admin section. to use as a portal for something like a school or internal government uses.

How can I list recent posts excerpts?

I am using this directly from the codex to list 3 recent articles titles. <ul> <?php $args = array( ‘numberposts’ => ‘3’); $recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts( $args ); foreach( $recent_posts as $recent ){ echo ‘<li><a href=”‘ . get_permalink($recent[“ID”]) . ‘” title=”Look ‘.esc_attr($recent[“post_title”]).'” >’ . $recent[“post_title”].'</a> </li> ‘; } ?> </ul> This works fine however, when I […]

Confit theme on

I’m a fairly new user of I have a site using the Confit theme and wish to transfer it to .org. I exported the site from .com and into imported to .org successfully, only to find that .org did not offer the Confit theme. I have since downloaded the directory for the Confit […]

How to set different settings for a mobile theme?

My desktop version of wordpress theme requires using a ‘static’ page as the start page as it has custom shortcodes etc. While this is good, when it comes to my mobile theme, sadly the ‘static’ page is being displayed and because its a different theme, the shortcodes are not being executed. Is there a way […]

How to get the post-ID in my plugin?

I am trying to write a little plugin which allows me to add a different theme to each page. well.. still trying.. 😉 code: When I put return ‘mytesttheme’; at the end it works just perfect! when I add an ID ($page_theme = get_post_meta(’66’, […]) it also works.. when I write echo $page_theme.’, ‘; […]

How to Insert Shortcodes into Theme?

I have content locker plugin. For locking contents, im using this shortcode: [wp-like-locker] Your locked content here… [/wp-like-locker] and I need lock every post on my blog. How could I instert this shortcodes into theme and lock: Thank you very very very much for your answer and time!

Changing the template hierarchy

Is there an easy way to change the WP default template hierarchy? For instance; Say I want to change my theme directory structure so that it completely changes from the Template Hierarchy suggested here based upon conditionals: If I wanted to make sure that for all page types (is_single() is_home() etc) it always opens […]

How to use get_page_by_title() with qTranslate?

Any idea how I can use the WP function get_page_by_title() with qTranslate installed? for example: $page_contact = get_page_by_title( ‘_e(“[:en]contact”);’ ,’page’ ); $page_contact_ID = $page_contact->ID; echo ‘~~~~’.$page_contact_ID; The only way I can get a match is by including the whole string with all the languages – and there is no way that’s going to work once […]

Which themes do you use to test compatibilities with your plugin

When developing a plugin, I usually test it with the following themes before public release: TwentyTen by Automattic TwentyEleven by Automattic Coraline by Automattic Duster by Automattic Hybrid by Justin Tadlock News by Justin Tadlock Prototype by Justin Tadlock Retro-fitted by Justin Tadlock Responsive by ThemeID PageLines by PageLines Buttercream by Caroline Moore Catch Box […]