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Update configured themes

Background: We’ve inherited care of a WP Networks install with many individualized sites. Most of them have some type of directly customized theme. If I begin updating themes, clients will lose customization. We’ve since disallowed direct theme customization; opting instead for child themes. Going forward we’ll be okay; however, I need to tackle these legacy […]

Forbidden 403 error, permission to access, unable to read htaccess

Recently clean-installed (with exception of themes and content/upload folders) an old wordpress to the latest WordPress 4.2.2. I continue to get this error below whenever I load files such as style.css in the web browser manually. I’ve tried: changing this file’s permission to 644, 755, and 777 changing .c to .so in the .htaccess changing […]

Problem Cropping Images From WP Customizer

Getting the following error. There has been an error cropping your image. The issue happens only with this one theme, and only with the customizer. The cropped image is in the media directory, there just seems to be an issue with WordPress receiving the successfully cropped message. The following have been confirmed: Settings snippet works […]

Do not show one specific widget on one specific page

Using a child theme of genesis and am unsure of how to remove a contact us widget in sidebar from the contact us page. Is there an easy way to do so? It’s part of the theme which has it on the side so when I remove this widget from one page it’s removing it […]

Can't resize logo in responsive theme?

I’ve been knocking my head against this one for hours. I haven’t dabbled in web development in years, so I’m very rusty. I setup a new website,, designed a logo for the header, and installed it using the custom theme’s(Nova Lite) options pane. For some reason I can’t yet figure out, the logo is […]

Modify theme to get page excerpts on front page

I am trying to modify this theme so that the Latest News section shows excerpts from 3 specific pages (for example, /page1, /page2, /page3) instead of 3 most recent posts. This is the relevant code in homepage.php <div class=”homepage-news clearfix”> <div class=”latestnew title”><h3><i class=”fa fa-clock-o”></i><?php echo __( ‘LATEST NEWS’, ‘2035Themes-fm’ ); ?></h3></div> <?php $the_query = […]

Child Theme's style.css not loading in mobile browser

Recently, I tried to customize some WordPress page. I started by creating a child-theme of the twentythirteen template. Therefore, I’ve created a new directory, called it twentythirteen-child, added a style.css file containing all the needed information and it worked. It works on my Desktop chrome browser, it works on my Samsung Internet Browser app on […]

Custom wordpress Theme and Plugin repository

I am looking for a guide/guidance to create a proper custom wordpress repository for themes and plugins hosted on a website hosting account. I do not want to host it on or anywhere else. I searched in google but without any success so far. Anyone could help?

Compare the old get_theme_mod($name) to the new get_theme_mod($name) return value

I want to have this kind of validation in my code: if (/*OLD*/get_theme_mod($name) != /*NEW*/get_theme_mod($name)) { // do something.. } That code will execute after pressing the “Save & Publish” button in the Appearance -> Customize of a theme. Is there a right way to achieve this?

Change submenu markup

I’ve seen people recommending to edit the wordpress default Walker to change the menu markup and create your own. The problem with this is that I would like to change the markup of the submenu and leave the menu as it is. In the walker function I only saw the functions start_lvl and end_lvl regarding […]