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Do Child-Themes automatically load the Translation from the Parent-Theme?

Is it enough to just create a child-theme – let’s say technically without adding anything else but the bare minimum style.css – to have the translation of the parent-theme being used automatically for the child-theme as well? child-theme/style.css /** * Theme Name: Child-Theme Child * Theme URI: * Description: Child theme for the Twentytwelve […]

Different template of products for specific category. WooCommerce

For example i have category coffee machines, and one template for coffee machine single product template, but for category coffee i want to have different single-product.php template, how to implement this? i haven’t access to this post but it have similar question, with pages and categories in WordPress it simple, but how to do […]

When cropping a header image, retain meta data (i.e. name, description, etc.) from original image?

I’m currently using WordPress’s built in Custom Headers to get images for a slideshow on the homepage of my website. For the most part, this has worked as intended; it allows me to upload a set of images and have client visualize what’s happening. However, I found something that wasn’t ideal. When you upload a […]

Link to specific Customizer section

I’ve got a site with a few extra Customizer sections. Is there a way to link directly to these so that section open when the page loads? Something like screenshot

Starter Theme vs Parent Theme? Pros and cons

I’m building a theme to be used as an example for other websites for the company I’m working. In another project we used the Hybrid Parent Theme and was really easy to build, but REALLY hard to maintain the website. I prefer the Starter Theme approach, which another developer copy the theme and create from […]

theme path in javascript file

I need to include the path to my theme file within a javascript file. How would I go about this? I have already tried: var templateUrl = “<?php get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>”; function LightboxOptions() { this.fileLoadingImage = “‘”+templateUrl+”/img/loading.gif'”; this.fileCloseImage = “‘”+templateUrl+”/img/close.png'”; this.resizeDuration = 700; this.fadeDuration = 500; this.labelImage = “Image”; this.labelOf = “of”; } This does not […]

Shared functionality in plugins and themes

I recently started to develop plugins and themes and I found that I need to use several functions of on both. Sometime I think about to check if function / class exist before declared as said on this post: When to check if a function exists But that is considered as bad practice. What is […]

Can wordpress theme folder name be changed freely and nothing technically happens

Can the wordpress theme folder be renamed any time freely and everything works fine after that , themes/oldthemename themes/whatevernewname or is it so that if you change the folder name that contains theme files – then the theme wont work any more because theme folder name is related to the theme files somehow …

Allow user to select a theme to install when they signup

Is it possible to allow a user to select which theme they would like installed from the new site signup page? And once the site is created, it obviously installs whichever theme they chose. I found wp_get_themes. Is this how you would go about pre-populating a dropdown menu with all the available themes? How do […]

Difference between a theme and a plugin?

I’m curious as to what the specific differences are between a theme and a plugin. I get the gist of it…themes have to do with look and feel (html / css) and plugins have to do with adding functionality (code / php). However, a theme like the popular twitter inspired P2 seems to add functionality…not […]