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Child theme looks different from parent theme, and incorrectly displays parts

I’ve created a new WordPress site using the Realistic theme. I added a logo, and this was the resulting webpage (ignore the sidebar): I want the website title to be displayed next to the logo, for which I’d need to edit the header.php file. So, I created a child theme, and this is the result: […]

How to add a second stylesheet to the editor

Is it possible to add another stylesheet from my theme directory, to the Appearance > Editor screen?

Using Grunt and keeping theme comments

I used Grunt to minify CSS then combine them together in my WordPress theme. I combined all the CSS into 1 file called main.css . However in order to register the theme I still need a style.css with theme comments. The issue is Grunt gets rid of comments. I would like to do achieve this […]

Theme not showing after uploading

Hey I am developing a website for my client, and I’m having some issues with the theme upload. The theme I am uploading is I tried to upload via backend of wordpress but file size is too big. So I was trying to upload via ftp and my theme file shows up on my […]

A post with a clear:both in its css destroy the theme design, and the sidebar is moved to the bottom

Everything was working well, but somebody wrote a post with the following inside: <iframe blablabla (a video) </iframe> <div style=”clear: both; height: 3px; width: 592px;”></div> I think that clear: both was causing that the sidebar was being moved to the bottom as the following image displays: I added the following code to the css of […]

Can't Find a Way to Edit the Home Page Content

I’m working on and I can’t find out how to edit the home page. The previous developer on the project has disappeared, and the site owner and I have had zero luck contact him. The theme was built custom, it isn’t out of the box or even a premium theme. All custom code. There […]

How do I include a partial from a directory below a wordpress theme directory?

I have 3 themes set up right now and I need them all to inherit partials from the same source in order to update all three themes at the exact same time when I change any of those partials. I’m seeing that include/require (../../../includes/vital/partial.php); doesn’t work from within single.php or any other other theme template […]

Making menu link open in new tab?

I’m trying to add a top level menu to the left sidebar of the WordPress admin panel. Here’s the code I currently have: add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘linked_url’ ); function linked_url() { add_menu_page( ‘linked_url’, ‘Menu Title’, ‘read’, ‘my_slug’, ”, ‘dashicons-text’, 1 ); } add_action( ‘admin_menu’ , ‘linkedurl_function’ ); function linkedurl_function() { global $menu; $menu[1][2] = “”; } […]

Is there a way to switch to another theme?

Is there a method that exists that will let me switch the theme? Update: It looks like switch_theme is the method and there is also an event of the same name. It says that it accepts an argument of stylesheet and for backwards compatibility it accepts, $themename and $stylesheet. I guess I don’t understand, why […]

Adding an extra sidebar to your theme

I want an extra sidebar added to this wordpress theme of mine. I want it right under my left sidebar and not next to it as it is currently showing: I have tried many things but nothing seems to be working. I have also tried making various changes to the css. I had thought […]