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$wp_customize->remove_section for customizer setting?

I use an underscores theme and try to remove the nav menu without any result : $wp_customize->remove_section(‘colors’); // works $wp_customize->remove_section(‘background_image’); // ok $wp_customize->remove_section(‘header_image’); // ok $wp_customize->remove_section(‘static_front_page’); // ok $wp_customize->remove_panel(‘widgets’); // ok $wp_customize->remove_panel(‘menu_navs’); // not ok $wp_customize->remove_section(‘menu_navs’); // not ok What’s wrong ?

Child Theme not loading parent CSS

I’m using the MyStile theme for a new site. I’m trying to create a child theme so I can modify the theme and not have my changes overwritten, however once I activate my child theme, the whole styling seems to go from the website all together. I’m guessing the issue here lies somewhere when it’s […]

When can changing a theme damage a website?

My supervisor thinks that changing the theme of an existing website is as easy as clicking a button. To my way of thinking, depending on the change of theme, areas for posts or pages (or other things) might be added, eliminated, or the layout may stay the same (only the colors or background images may […]

WordPress security issue to output data from user input from theme option form

I have the following code (below) in my theme. I am using redux framework for my theme options. My codes in a part looking like this. And I am really not sure about the security issue of this chunk of codes. Please any expert help me indicating any security problem in here. Your few minutes […]

Child Theme Not Overriding Parent Theme

I know this question has been asked many times. I even spent the entire day yesterday getting things to work but to no avail. I am pretty sure I am missing out on something small//silly but I am unable to figure it out. So, here is my question: I have purchased the Identity-vcard theme from […]

Same theme name issue with wordpress repository theme

I created new theme with name for example XYZ. its good till now but the issue comes before few days. Wordpress repository has a theme with same name as my theme’s name. Now the issue is when the updates comes for wordpress theme, the update notification is display for my themes also. So what can […]

PHP files included in functions.php don't seem to work

This is my first post on WordPress StackExchange, I’ll try to be precise. My question is: Is there anything in particular I should do to the files I’m including in my theme’s functions.php file? I’m creating a WordPress theme and my functions.php file is getting very big now. I managed to remove a lot of […]

How to get custom image size for image uploaded in Customizer

I’m using the customizer to upload an image. The code I have below displays the full size image ok but I would like to instead display a custom size of that image that I created below that. This is the code in my template file: <img src=”<?php echo get_theme_mod( ‘image-1′ , get_template_directory_uri().’/images/default.jpg’ ); ?>”> This […]

Protect changes made to the theme when updating

I customized the wordpress theme I’m using by changing php, css and even a js file. Is there a way to protect these changes, when updating the theme to a new version?

WordPress Theme for Video Showcase

Does anyone know of a good theme for showcasing multiple Youtube videos? Thanks!